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There are many reasons why small business owners are finding themselves needing additional space to facilitate their business operations. Self storage units are a wonderful storage solution to provide that space.

Here is a list of businesses that can benefit from a self storage unit, and businesses that are most likely to use self storage.

1. Entrepreneurs
2. Medical Professionals / Pharmaceutical
3. E Commerce Businesses
4. Landscaping Companies / Contractors
5. Realtors and Home Staging Professionals
6. Non Profit Organizations
7. Virtual Office Space


As many entrepreneurs operate small businesses from their homes, renting a business storage unit can be very beneficial. Working from home can become difficult if the business starts to take over your personal space. Climate controlled storage units will help free up space and keep your inventory safe and secure for your daily operations.

Medical Professionals / Pharmaceutical

These businesses can accumulate a lot of paperwork and having ample storage, in some offices, may be a challenge. A simple solution is a climate controlled storage unit. By placing shelving and filing cabinets in the unit, your papers will be kept organized, safe and secure. By creating aisles in your storage unit, all of your paperwork will be easily accessible.

Climate controlled units may also be required for some pharmaceutical companies, as their products may be temperature sensitive.

E Commerce Businesses

A storage unit can help your ecommerce business and become your main center of operations. Climate Controlled storage units are kept at a consistent temperature and humidity offering the best protection for your inventory.  Check out our tips on inventory management and storage tips for small businesses.

Landscaping Companies

Landscaping companies and contractors often use heavy pieces of equipment that take up a lot of space. They often do not have an office location, so this is where self storage units can benefit your small business. As not all equipment is required for every job, a storage unit provides safe, secure and affordable options.

Self storage can help store any tools, saws, rakes and shovels that are not needed on a daily basis leaving more room in the service vehicles. 

It is important to communicate with the storage facility and to be aware of the things you should never store in a storage unit.

Realtors and Home Staging

Yard signage, brochures, and other promotional materials tend to take up a lot of space. They are also an easy target for mistakenly being thrown into a garage and lost or broken. This is where a climate controlled unit comes in handy.

A lot goes into the sale of a home and your promotional materials need to be looking their best. Use plastic totes and shelving in your rented storage unit to keep it organized.  Being organized will make it a breeze when it comes to finding what you need, when you need it.

Home staging professionals work with a variety of furniture, as well as, items that can cause clutter when preparing a home for sale. Climate controlled storage units are recommended for home staging professionals to protect the high end wood furniture and expensive fabrics that are often used.

Non Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations often rent storage space for storing a wide variety of items, such as paperwork, stock, equipment, and seasonal items, at a more affordable rate than renting an expensive office space. Storage units allow for temporary storage options and provide a safe, secure location for their items. Some storage facilities may even provide a complimentary storage unit. These groups are still tenants and need to follow the same rules as paying tenants.

Elite Self Storage South Edmonton is a newly built (2021) self storage facility and is a leading provider in self storage.  For your personal or business storage in the Edmonton area, Elite Self Storage has a space to suit your business.  We offer a range of storage unit sizes from 3.5x4 to 10x20, with no long term commitments.

Get your free quote today by calling one of our storage rental experts and ask about our move in specials and discounts.   We offer short term storage rentals or long term storage rentals with no security deposits or admin fees.  Storage reservations or move ins can be made online, in person at our rental office, 3230 97 St, or by calling us 780-452-8242.

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