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Inventory Management & Storage Tips For Small Businesses

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You have big plans for your business and are up and running but don’t know just how to manage your inventory.  Business owners need to keep track of their inventory.  If you are unorganized, untracked inventory can be very overwhelming and turn into a total nightmare for your business.

Inventory management means having the right products, at the right time to sell to your customers.  Accurately managing inventory can increase revenue and help you be more successful overall.

Organize Your Small Business Inventory

Having a well organized inventory does not have to be expensive or complicated to be effective.  Having a good handle on your inventory will aid you in gaining the trust of customers and is imperative with building your brand.  There is nothing worse than not knowing what is unavailable and not being able to provide your customers with accurate information.

Inventory Management Software

There are many software programs to help you manage your inventory. Some of these include Lightspeed and Cashier Live.  Lightspeed automated the inventory management process, keeping your records updated and accurate.

We know that small businesses may not have the resources to lay out large sums of money, but these two options are free with the option to upgrade.  Apps are easy to download, easy to access and help you manage your inventory right from your smart phone.  It’s that simple!

Tips When Storing Your Business Inventory

  • Organize products by type making them easy to locate

  • Store items in clearly marked boxes, taking photos of the contents. Laminate the photos to keep them vibrant and in good shape. Invest in a label maker and label each box with the contents of the item or by SKU

  • Separate business and personal items – keep your garage for your car, and your business items free and clear

Protecting Your Inventory

Protecting your inventory is crucial for protecting your business assets and not wasting money. At Elite Self Storage in Edmonton we have drive up unheated storage for easy unloading and loading.  We also have climate controlled storage units with a drive in loading area to keep you dry and warm.  Climate controlled storage units offer the best protection for your business inventory.

Using Self Storage to Assist with Inventory Management

A great solution to assist in managing your business inventory is to invest in self storage.  Your storage unit will provide space for you to store old, unused inventory, allowing you to re-evaluate your stock.  Re-evaluating annually or semi annually will allow you to provide “SALES” and who doesn’t like a good sale? This will also allow for new inventory to be purchased and bring in new and existing customers.

Renting Self Storage vs Leased Space

Renting your storage unit month to month gives you flexibility with no long-term commitments.  You also only need to rent the size of storage unit that suits your needs.  Grow your business at your own pace and only rent the space you need, saving you from renting a larger space than needed.

Storage Access & Security

We know that a lot of businesses don’t run on regular schedules, at Elite Self Storage you can access your storage unit 365 days a year from 6 AM - 10 PM.

Rest assured that your inventory is kept safe with security features such as video surveillance and individual access codes.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

Consider how much storage space you will need for your small business and the types of items you will be storing. Remember to take advantage of the vertical height of the storage space. There are certain items that are prohibited from being stored in a self storage unit. Some of these items include food, plants, live animals or pets and hazardous materials.

Inventory can be heavy and bulky, needing specialized equipment to transport your items to the storage locker. Hand trucks and dollies can assist with moving these items. Check with your storage facility to ensure they can provide these valuable amenities for your use.

At Elite Self Storage we have storage units ranging from 14 sq ft to 200 sq ft. We offer month to month rentals with no security deposits or admin fees.

Establish A Plan for Your Storage Unit

Once you are organized with your inventory, establish a plan for your storage unit. One easy way is to purchase shelving. Shelving units provide an easy and accessible way of keeping your items off the floor, as well as giving you easy and clean access.

Use all the space in your storage unit. You can store either vertically or horizontally.

Storage Packing Made Easy

Boxes for storing your inventory can be purchased at most storage facilities, along with packing tape and labels. They can range in size from 1.5 CU Ft to large wardrobe boxes with hangers. If you are not wanting cardboard boxes, plastic storage bins are another option that can be purchased from any department store. Using the same size of boxes and storage bins will assist in maximizing your storage unit space.

Parcel Acceptance

Elite Self Storage offers package acceptance so don’t hang around for deliveries, let us do if for you! We hold a key to your storage unit and facilitate deliveries and pickups by couriers as we know your time is valuable! Once your shipment has been delivered or picked up, you will be notified by telephone or email, whichever works best for you.

Flexible Storage Options

We want your business to be successful! Finding a flexible storage solution that meets your needs will aid you in maintaining your inventory and stay focused on your customers. Self Storage facilities provide a safe, clean, affordable and convenient option to assist you in storing your inventory.

Let Elite Self Storage in Edmonton help, we have instant online move ins with friendly and professional staff. Call one of our storage rental experts today at 780-452-8242, they will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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