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7 Ways to Use Short Term Storage

Short Term Storage

Sometimes we have too much stuff! And sometimes we just don’t have enough space. These are two separate problems. One problem can be solved by saying good-bye to things we no longer need. The other problem can be solved with time and a short-term storage solution.

There are a variety of reasons you may want to consider using short-term storage.  Renting a self storage unit for temporary storage can help.

Storing Seasonal Items

Let's be honest, there are too many months of the year we won’t be using our lawn mowers, garden tools, camping gear, or patio furniture. When winter sets in, we spend more of our time indoors than we do during the spring and summer months.

Months of staying inside can make us all feel a little crazy, but even more so if our summer stuff is taking up valuable living space, reminding us of all the fun we could be having if only we lived in a warmer climate. Conversely, we normally don’t need to keep our snow blowers and sleds out during the summer months… normally. So why not store your seasonal items in a storage facility where you can get to them only when you need them.

Selling Your Home

So you’re ready to sell your home, and your realtor wants you to keep it clean for open houses and showings. Our homes are where we live, and sometimes that comes with clutter and a lived-in look. Don't stress yourself out trying to tame the clutter.

It might be a good idea to store any furniture or personal items that you won't be needing until you move to your new space. Having fewer things in your home will help potential buyers to better visualize their own belongings in their new space.  Most storage facilities offer a variety of storage unit sizes to suit your needs so you can stage your home for sale.


When you're getting ready to move to a new place, there are some belongings that can be packed a couple months in advance.  You can rent a storage unit to store personal belongings such as, keepsakes, decor, and important documents.  Instead of letting these boxes pile up and get in the way, you could put them in a short term storage unit until moving day.

It can be stressful to try and move all your belongings in one day or even a weekend.  If you have a storage locker, you can move your things in there, little by little, until your new place is ready.  You can then take your time moving your things into your new home.  A storage unit rental can help your move go smoother by giving you more time.

Home Renovations

You’re finally redoing the flooring in your living room or putting new cabinets and countertops in your kitchen. Yes! It’s exciting! But you’re finding you don’t have anywhere to put your couch and coffee table or any of your kitchen items. Here is where a short term storage unit can be useful.

You can reduce the chaos and stress that comes with home renovations by storing your furniture, knick-knacks, books, small or large appliances, and anything else that might get in the way of the work being done in your home.

Big Life Changes

Divorce, downsizing, new baby, or moving in with your partner are a few examples of times when short-term storage may make your life easier. These are times when long term decisions are not the wisest because you’re trying to find your feet during a major change. Short term storage is a wise solution for storing your extra belongings safely without risking throwing away belongings you’ll need again later.

Starting a Business

You are ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship! You’ve got some furniture for your new business, fixtures, some inventory, but your business space is not quite ready yet. Whether your space is an office, retail storefront, or restaurant, chances are it will need some work before it’s ready to be filled.

Don't clutter up your house with your business inventory. Store business items in a secure storage facility until you’re ready to open.

Storage For Students

If you are studying abroad or away from your hometown, you may benefit from using short-term storage. Renting a storage unit close to campus will make moving back home easier. Save yourself from wasting countless hours packing and shipping your belongings across the country or to another city. You will need all your student furniture and books next year anyway, so don’t get rid of them, store them instead.

Let Elite Self Storage help with your short or long term storage needs.  We have storage lockers in a variety of sizes, as well as climate controlled storage options, unheated storage, vehicle storage and RV Storage.  Rent a storage unit today at one of our Elite locations in Edmonton or St. Albert and get the extra storage space you need.

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