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Self Storage For Ecommerce Stores

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Starting your own business requires the willingness to take a risk.  It can take a lot of your time and can be a very scary process when you are making the change from being an employee to becoming a business owner.

With the the events of Covid – 19, many people have made career changes due to being laid off, companies downsizing, or even closing permanently.

One of the growing businesses we are seeing is ecommerce or online retail stores.

Online retail stores are often located in business owners’ homes.  Your home can become a makeshift storage facility and you may soon realize that it is not an ideal situation.  Inventory can take over your home, creating a cluttered mess.

Storage Units Are An ideal Solution

Self Storage Units are an ideal solution for assisting in running your e-commerce business.  Your self storage unit can provide you with an affordable, safe and convenient business storage solution.  Keep in mind, there may be some regulations and/or restrictions on what can be stored in your unit.  Speak to the friendly staff at the storage facility to ensure you are not breaking any policies that the storage facility has in place.

Safety and Security

Self Storage facilities are one of the safest places to store your inventory.  There are numerous safety and security safeguards in place for your protection.  Some of these security features include, key card access, a padlock to be placed on your rented storage unit, security cameras that cover a variety of angles inside and outside of the building, staffed facilities, on call staff that can attend should there be an issue, as well as fire suppression systems.

With these safety features in place, you can rest assured your items are being kept safe and your focus can be on growing your business.  Access times from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, 365 days a year, allow you to access your unit when its convenient for you.  Staff are constantly doing walk throughs, checking the storage facility, ensuring that locks are in place and nothing is out of order.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

At Elite Self Storage in Edmonton we offer climate controlled storage units.  These indoor storage units are kept at a consistent temperature, preventing damage from the elements.  Indoor loading bays make moving inventory in and out of your unit convenient and keeping you dry and warm all year round.

Unheated Storage Units

Unheated drive up storage units are a great storage solution if you have heavy or bulky items.  Drive right up to your storage unit and load or unload.  At Elite Self Storage we have drive up storage units as well as indoor vehicle storage and RV Storage.

Packing Material For Sale

Most storage facilities offer a variety of packing supplies for sale, therefore you don't have to stock these as part of your inventory.  Boxes, packing tape, box cutters, bubble wrap and shrink wrap are available for purchase on site. This will allow you to have quality products, without having to keep extra stock.

Other Amenities You May Not Know About

Something that you may not be aware of is that self storage facilities provide plenty of business amenities.  At Elite Self Storage in Edmonton, we offer package acceptance and have office rental spaces.

We also have dollies and flat carts you can use, free of charge, for transporting your boxes and inventory from your business storage unit to your vehicle.

No Additional Costs

Using a self storage facility is a stress free option for extra storage and far less expensive than a traditional warehouse.  Heat, A/C, electricity and water are all taken care of by the storage facility.  Issues, such as maintenance, are the responsibility of the storage company as well.

At Elite Self Storage, renting a storage space for your ecommerce business is a perfect storage solution for your online retail store.  As a business owner, you will want to be able to run your business as cost effectively as possible.  Renting a storage unit in Edmonton for your ecommerce business is a great investment.

If your ecommerce business grows, you have the option of upgrading your storage unit to meet your needs. To find out more about our newly built facility, call 780-452-8242 and talk to one of our storage experts.

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