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Types of Businesses That Can Benefit Using Self Storage

Your Business Can Benefit With Self Storage

Creating an organized flow to your workday, especially if you work from home or from a mobile location, is a goal for each of us. Often there is significant paperwork that needs to be stored for up to seven years.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, here are some suggestions on how to make a flexible workspace solution using self storage.

Some businesses that could benefit from renting a storage unit are:

  1. Real Estate Agents

  2. Interior Designers

  3. Artists

  4. Landscaper/Gardeners

  5. Entrepreneurs in general

Real Estate Agents

By renting a climate controlled self storage unit to store staging supplies, a realtor can often stage houses more appealingly for a faster sale. Files for past open house preparations and floor plans can take up valuable space in your office or home.

To be a successful Real Estate Agent, you need to have easy access and ample storage for all your work items. Renting a storage unit allows you to pick unit sizes that will benefit your business. Often, this will give you back space that you may not have realized you lost.

Interior Designers

Being an interior designer, you may have a lot of items you've collected for future projects, that do not have a designated place in your home or office. Renting a storage unit will allow you to keep a clean and organized workspace by giving these items a home until needed. Storage facilities have great access hours, so you can access your colour swatches or carpet samples for projects when needed.


Renting a self storage unit is a great storage solution for business storage. You can have additional space for long term and use it as your workspace, as well as storage for your supplies. This would give you the opportunity to have a quiet, secure space to work on your pieces and then store the completed work waiting to be sold. The unit can also be used to just store your items that you have completed and are not yet ready to sell.


Storage facilities are great for landscapers and gardeners. With easy access and additional space for your tools and equipment, there is no need to cart around everything in your truck at all times. Not to mention, your partner will be much happier getting into a truck that is not crammed full of these items. Rent a storage space for short or long term and have peace of mind knowing your tools are in a secure, climate controlled storage facility.


There are many bonuses to being an entrepreneur. One draw back can be that your home and garage pay the price. They can turn into your own little warehouse and have your family members stepping over your products and paperwork.

Having additional space by renting a storage unit would be a benefit to many businesses. With great access hours from 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week, you can start your day early and get all your promotional and marketing products out and set up.

A climate-controlled storage unit can also work great for storing all of your important documents and employee records. Renting a storage unit for your business with Elite Self Storage gives you the freedom to access your belongings when you need them and have comfort in knowing they are in storage facility with individual coded entry and video surveillance.

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