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What Not To Store In A Storage Unit

Food products not to be stored in a storage unit

A personal self storage unit in Edmonton or St. Albert is an ideal solution for storing all sorts of things that you have no room for or no longer need in your home.

People often find themselves in need of extra space for various reasons. Self Storage in Edmonton can be extremely convenient and cost effective.    Please be aware that there are prohibited items that are not allowed to be put into a rented storage unit.  These items include:

  1. Food or Food Related Items

  2. Explosive, Combustible or Toxic Items

  3. Item That May Mold

  4. Scented Items

  5. Stolen Items

  6. Weapons


Placing food in a self storage locker is not a good idea. There is always the danger of pests, and food spoils quickly. Keeping perishable items in a self storage unit could lead to an infestation that can spread to the rest of the storage facility. Mold and bacteria will grow from rotting food. To avoid these problems, do not place any perishable items in a storage unit.


Hazardous materials include items that may become flammable. Chemical materials such as gasoline, paint thinners, cleaning solvents, motor oil,  propane tanks, paint, corrosives, alcohol, fireworks, etc., are not allowed to be stored in a self storage unit for safety reasons. 

Some toxic materials aren't as obviously hazardous as others.  Be sure to check with the storage facility if you are unsure about an item.


Plants, food and other organic materials that hold moisture can create mold. If you aren't able to take your plants to your new home right away, leave them with friends or give them away.  If you are moving while it's raining, make sure your items are thoroughly dry before storing them.


Strong scents can cause pests, insects and rodents to investigate the source of the overwhelming odors.  To avoid creatures crawling or flying around in your rented storage unit, seal up any scented items or avoid storing them.


If you are not the legal owner of an item you wish to keep in your storage unit, you cannot keep it there. It is illegal. If the facility manager suspects you of storing items that you do not have permission to, they will call the police.   It is also cause for immediate eviction and termination of your rental agreement.


You are not allowed to store firearms, ammunition, or explosives in your storage unit. You need to store them at your local gun shop or shooting range.

If you are still unsure about storing a specific item, ask one of our storage rental experts for help.  Our storage experts are happy to answer any questions you might have.  

At Elite Self Storage Edmonton or Elite Self Storage St. Albert we have both heated and unheated indoor storage spaces.  Climate-controlled units are ideal for temperature sensitive items and drive up unheated storage units are convenient for loading and unloading.  Whether you need short term or long term storage we have the storage solution for you. We have a wide range of unit sizes to meet your needs from seasonal storage, personal storage, household storage and business storage.

Reserve a storage unit online or call one of our storage rental experts at 780-347-0433 for storage you can trust.  We offer month-to-month storage rentals with no security deposits.  Renting a storage unit in Edmonton or St. Albert is simple and easy at Elite Self Storage.

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