Operating a Business Out Of A Storage Unit

How Can You Operate A Business Out Of A Storage Unit?

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Owning a business can be very rewarding and satisfying, but it does come with its own set of challenges.  It can be very costly, especially if you have fixed expenses like long term leases and utility bills.  Instead of paying a small fortune for a commercial space, think about renting a self storage unit in Edmonton.  It can be the perfect solution for your small business needs!

How Self Storage Units Can Help

Local storage units are a convenient, safe and secure way to have your business items close by, easy to access and free up space at your home or office.  Climate controlled self storage units can help small businesses with the storage of client files, retail overflow, excess inventory and equipment.

The recent pandemic has hit some businesses hard, causing business owners to take a look at their associated business costs.  Many businesses have been forced to downsize, work from home or close.

With working from home, your personal space can be taken over with inventory, documents, file cabinets and office equipment.  A climate controlled storage unit is beneficial and can help in maintaining organization and getting clutter under control.

Closure of a business may result in an abundance of stock or inventory that needs to be stored for an unknown period of time.  Self Storage Units can be rented month to month, allowing the flexibility you need until you are able to sell off your inventory.

Businesses That Can Operate Out of a Self Storage Unit

There are several businesses already taking advantage of self storage to assist them with business operations. Some businesses that benefit from a self storage unit are:

1)  Real Estate Agents

Self Storage units are helpful when storing old documents and signs. At Elite Self Storage South Edmonton we have climate controlled storage units which are ideal for papers and filing cabinets.  We also offer unheated outdoor storage units with drive up access.

2)  Landscaping Companies

Keep seasonal tools and anything that you can’t fit in your truck in a self storage unit for a safe and secure storage solution.

3)  Artists and Galleries

Managing an art show involves a lot of materials to make it successful.  A self storage unit provides a clean, dry and safe location for the items required to run a successful show.

4)  Online Businesses/E-Commerce

More and more people are growing homebased businesses and as the business grows, so does the need to store inventory.  Commercial storage space can be very expensive.  Self storage units provide that additional square footage required at a flexible, inexpensive cost.  At Elite Self Storage, we have storage units ranging from 5x5 up to 10x20 and everything in between.

Vacation Rental Companies

The service industry is constantly changing and so are the demands of the guests.  Renting a storage unit can assist in storing cleaning supplies, linens, small furnishings, as well as seasonal items.

Know the Storage Company Policies

Each storage facility varies when it comes to storage unit sizes, and their policies and procedures can be very different.  It is important to understand and educate yourself on their policies and what they do not allow in their storage units. This includes local building codes, zoning regulations, insurance coverage and what may be prohibited from being stored.

Some storage facilities also do not allow you to work out of your unit.  Make sure to ask the friendly staff about their policies so you can be sure you rent the correct storage space for your needs.

Office Rental Space

Some self storage facilities not only have a range of storage units for you to rent, but some also offer office rental space at very affordable rates.  

At Elite Self Storage our offices for rent are fully serviced offices with everything included, high-speed internet, office furniture and utilities - just show up and get to work.  Workspace for rent whenever you need it with month-to-month rentals.

Running your business from Elite Self Storage in Edmonton is easy.  Individual access codes and access times from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM make it a breeze.  Parcel acceptance is also another great feature that we offer at Elite Self Storage.  Parcels can be delivered to our rental office,  provide us with a key to your storage space and your items will be ready and waiting for you in your storage unit.

Take Advantage of the Space in Your Storage Unit

To get the most out of your storage unit rental, you need to keep it clean and organized.  Putting shelves in your unit can provide additional space and keep you organized.  Plastic or metal shelving units can be purchased at almost any department store and come in a variety of sizes.

At Elite Self Storage, we have a variety of boxes of various sizes to help you keep organized.  Our retail space offers boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and even file boxes for sale.  Boxes range in size from 1.5 cu ft up to large wardrobe boxes with hangers.

Our friendly and professional storage rental experts are here to assist you with all your business storage needs.  Call us today at 780-452-8242 to find out how Elite Self Storage in Edmonton can help your business.

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