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How To Choose A Self Storage Facility

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Self Storage can become an essential part of moving or trying to stay more organized. There are many reasons why people use self storage, therefore, it is important to choose the right storage facility. 

With so many options, there are plenty of factors to keep in mind when choosing a self-storage facility.  The right storage solution for you requires some serious consideration.  With so many options out there, you will want to make sure you choose the right facility to meet your needs. 

Many people make the mistake of calling the most convenient location without giving much thought to their services and amenities.  The following tips and suggestions will help you find a storage facility that is the best fit for you.


Before you look for a storage facility, you will need to figure out how much space you need.  Next, you will need to determine if you have any sensitive items that are being stored.  If you have sensitive items you will need to look for a storage facility that has heated storage. 

If you are storing antiques, collectibles, electronics, musical instruments, etc., consider a climate-controlled unit.  Climate-controlled storage units keep the temperature within certain parameters which will help prevent mold, mildew and your antique family furniture from cracking or splitting.

Think about how long you plan to store these items.  When storing items for a short period of time, it's acceptable to pack everything close together.  If you will be using your storage unit for longer, provide extra space for aisles so that you can access your items more easily.

Do you have heavy items to load and unload? If you do, unheated drive up storage might be your best storage solution.  Once you have determined the type of storage you need, you can then look for a storage facility to choose a storage unit that will suit your needs.


If you have home owners insurance, contact them first to verify if it will cover the items you'll be storing.  The insurance company might have specific requirements on the type of storage you must use to be covered for.  They may require that you need to choose a facility with certain security features to qualify for insurance coverage.

If your insurance policy does not cover your items while in storage, you will want to find a facility that you can purchase insurance from.  At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, we offer tenant insurance at reasonable prices.


When you are looking for a storage facility, you should take your time to check on the facility's features.  If accessibility is an important factor for you, look for a storage facility that gives you access to your belongings when you need it.  Some offer 24 hour access while others may only have access during business hours.

Not all facilities are as focused on security as others.  Good security measures could include things such as security fencing, electronic gated access, good lighting, video surveillance, mobile security patrols and even security guards.  How secure you want the facility will depend on what you are keeping there, but it is worthwhile to verify a company's security measures before you sign on with them.  You'll also want a knowledgeable customer service team that is willing to provide you with answers to your questions and a tour of the property.


If you're going to be needing regular access to the items in your storage unit, a convenient location is important.  No matter how good a deal you can get on a unit, you will hate having to drive across town to get to it.  All the time you would waste on the road and the additional expenses for fuel are not worth it in the long run.  Consider renting from a storage facility that is near your home or within the community of St Albert.


It is important to understand that every facility has it's own rules.  Some will have set contract periods that you must rent for and others will have the option of month-to-month rentals. 

Most storage companies have restrictions on the types of items you can store, such as food, firearms, explosives, etc.  You must make sure you inquire about these rules as you could be held responsible for any damages resulting from storing prohibited items.

These rules are put in place so that your belongings are safe and secure.  You may need to find alternate storage options for prohibited items.  Perhaps, they can temporarily be stored at a friend or family members while you move.


A good self-storage facility will work with a pest control company who visits regularly.  It's extremely important to take steps to prevent infestations because pests can do lots of damage to your belongings.  Make sure you ask the self storage facility about their pest control procedures.


The price for a storage unit can vary quite a bit from one facility to another.  It's always a good idea to shop around because you may be able to find a better deal by making a few phone calls.  Storage facilities will often run move in specials to attract new customers. 


Look online for previous user's reviews before you make your final decision.  Looking for a facility that gives great customer service should be at the top of your list.

Pay attention to the first time your contact the self storage facility, whether by email, phone, or in person.  A good customer service team should greet customers in a friendly and helpful manner and answer all questions thoroughly.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage you will find an unbeatable combination of Self Storage & RV Storage with exceptional service, security and savings. Conveniently located minutes from downtown St. Albert.  A quick trip from Edmonton (via the Anthony Henday, Yellowhead Trail or St. Albert Trail) and minutes from downtown St. Albert.

With both heated and unheated storage units Riel Park RV & Self Storage caters to your everyday needs for personal storage, household storage, business storage; as well as outdoor paved parking for RV and vehicle storage. Store your RV, car, boat or trailer in the comfort of our secure Self Storage & RV facility.

Rent a storage unit online or call one of our storage rental experts today at 780-459-6435 to learn about our current move-in specials.

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