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Downsizing Due To Divorce | How Self Storage Can Help

Divorce or Separation Self Storage Can Help

Relationship breakdowns can be emotionally devastating. In a case of divorce, it is the end of a relationship. Aside from the emotional toll, you need to deal with all the ‘stuff’ that you both accumulated during the relationship.

Renting a self storage unit gives you the opportunity to gather your belongings in a safe and secure environment, not associated with the relationship. It gives you time and opportunity to sort, discard, keep and donate items that you may not have room for in your new home.

Some things to consider when a relationship ends:

  1. Determine type of storage needed

  2. Book a storage unit

  3. Take time to deal with the emotional impact

  4. Take time to sort through your stuff

  5. Permanent living accommodations don’t need to happen immediately

  6. Start building your new life

Determine Type of Storage Needed

To give yourself time to process next steps, determine what type and size of storage you will need for your items. Will you be taking furniture; does it need to be in a climate-controlled environment? Do you have art work and collectibles that need to be protected from excessive heat and cold weather? Do you need boxes or other packing supplies? How much space do you need to store your stuff?

Our professional staff at Riel Park RV & Self Storage can assist you with answers to your questions. We have drive up unheated units and indoor climate controlled storage units of various sizes available for you.

Reserve or Rent a Storage Unit

Call or drop into a convenient storage facility most suited to your needs.  At Riel Park RV & Self Storage you can rent or reserve a storage unit online.  Our St. Albert Storage facility offers month to month contracts so there is no long-term commitment needed from you.

Take Time to Deal with the Emotional Impact

Before your start purging or leaving behind stuff, take the time to recognize your emotional state. Allow yourself time to calm your emotions before you make any irreversible decisions about your items. A self storage unit allows you to keep your personal belongings in a safe environment waiting for you to decide what to keep, store, donate or discard. These decisions don’t need to be made immediately.

Take time to Sort through Your Stuff

Often when you are making a quick and hasty move, your packing is not as organized as you would like. Take the time to sort through your stuff in the storage unit – one box at a time.  Organize your belongings into ‘Must Keep’ and ‘Decide later’, labelling the containers. Once you know the size and location of your new home, you can go through the ‘Decide later’ containers and determine whether the contents should go with you, be sold, be donated or discarded.

Permanent Living Accommodations

Don’t make snap long-term decisions on your future living accommodations until you’ve had time to take a look at what you need and want for your future. Self storage gives you the time you’ll need to make the best choice.

Start Building your New Life

By moving your stuff into a self storage facility, you take the pressure off making the big decisions for your future. Your personal belongings have a temporary home, giving you time to plan your future rather than just reacting to your current situation. Make and review your future plans and what actions you need to take to have them happen.

Self storage gives you the breathing space to create a positive future.

Rent A St. Albert Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit in St. Albert is the perfect storage solution for your personal belongings or seasonal items.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, we have drive up storage units, in a variety of sizes, for easy loading and unloading, as well as climate controlled indoor storage units.  If you are new to self storage, be sure to check out our guide on everything you have ever needed to know about storage.

With a completely fenced in compound with individual gated access code, great lighting, security cameras and security patrols, you can feel confident that your items will be safe and secure.

Give one of our storage rental experts a call today at 780-459-6435, and rent or reserve your spot today!

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