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Ways to Use Self Storage at Christmas

Christmas Decoration Storage

At this time of year, our days are shorter and winter blahs are prevalent. Decorating for the Holidays with lights and lawn ornaments not only raises our spirits, but brightens our neighborhoods as well. Seeing a neighbor’s lit Christmas tree in a front window brings joy and connection.

Often though, one of our Christmas stressors is figuring out what can move where, to place the tree and other decorations. Renting a self storage unit in St. Albert gives you a place to temporarily store your stuff to make room for Christmas.

Below are some suggestions on ways to use self storage at Christmas:

  1. Store excess furniture and home décor

  2. Hide Christmas gifts

  3. Sort, purge & repair decorations

  4. Set up a wrapping station

  5. Set up crafting station

  6. Store party supplies

Store Excess Furniture and Home Décor

Unless you are a true minimalist, putting up your Christmas tree and decorations is difficult when your space is already filled with furniture & your favorite objects. Packing up items that will just get in the way during the Holidays gives you the space you’ll need to display your collection of Christmas decorations. It will also minimize clutter and trip and fall hazards.

Renting a climate controlled storage unit in St. Albert will allow you to store your precious items without concern for freezing temperatures.

Hide Christmas Gifts

Large ticket items are often hard to hide in your home until Christmas. Storing gifts in your storage unit rental eliminates the possibility of discovery and keeps the surprise alive. If you have purchased items that need some assembly, putting them together in your storage locker saves time and accidental snooping.

Sort, Purge & Repair Decorations

Rather than untangling lights and sorting through your decorations at home, use the space of your self storage unit to unpack your decorations. This will give you time to determine what should actually go back into your home, what needs to be repaired or discarded and what new items you may need to pick up.

Set Up a Wrapping Station

Wrapping presents in your home can be a hassle. Trying to wrap in secret and creating clutter that needs to be moved every time a normal day activity needs to happen can be very stressful. Set up a wrapping station in your St. Albert storage unit rental.  Once your presents are wrapped you can store them in your storage unit until you’re ready to place them under your tree or transport them.

Set up a Crafting Station

Hand made gifts are often the most precious. Set up your crafting station in your storage unit. Everything can be left out and available to you at any time rather than you needing to pack up everything at home and drag it out again when you have the time and privacy. It will also lend to the mystery of what you are creating for friends and family members.

Store Party Supplies

When you are hosting celebrations for the Holidays, often you will be adding party supplies for the occasion. Using your climate-controlled storage unit to keep stuff safe until the occasion will save you space in your home. When you have everything in one location it also helps you to see what you have collected and what’s missing, effectively and efficiently. Removing the stress of finding places in your home to house these supplies allows you to have more fun putting the party together.

Christmas is about the joy of gathering friends and family together to celebrate and reconnect. Minimize the stress and clutter by taking advantage of self storage in St. Albert at Elite Self Storage Riel Park.  Our St. Albert storage facility offers heated indoor storage units, drive-up unheated storage units and RV storage.

Reserve a storage unit online or call one of our storage rental experts at 780-459-6435. 

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