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How To Organize A Small Space | Self Storage Can Help

Organized Room With Shelving

When square footage is at a premium, it can feel as though you never have enough space for storage. With more people moving into smaller spaces, storage ideas are in greater supply. Here are some smart and easily adaptable ways to organize your small spaces.

Entryway Organization

It’s easy for a cramped space like an entryway to become cluttered.  Functional pieces like a shelf or mounted coat rack will keep stray coats and mail from ending up all over your home.

Divide Into Zones

In a small home, one room may serve multiple purposes. By dividing a space into different zones according to their function it will be easier to keep things organized. For example, open shelving can provide much needed storage dividing a room into 2 distinct areas.

Functional Furniture

Instead of opting for single-use pieces, consider furniture that can convert easily for use in another way. A drop-leaf table can be a desk or full dining room table, a well-placed bookcase can serve as a display and a room divider. A bit of extra time spent arranging or picking out pieces can make your living space feel much more open and organized.

Declutter & Purge

One of the hardest parts of downsizing can be parting with possessions. A smaller space just means some things are going to have to go. Make an inventory of your possessions, going through each room one by one and ask yourself: Have you used this in the past few months? Can you do without it? Can this be packed away for the season? Then donate or sell the items you don’t need.

Often, you’ll find a good portion of your possessions will go unused throughout the year, whether it be seasonal clothes, outdoor equipment, or holiday decorations. Identify which items are better off stored away for the majority of the year so that they aren’t taking up precious space.

Here are some items you may consider storing for the season:

  • Holiday items (decorations, wrapping paper, bakeware, costumes)

  • Outdoor equipment (camping equipment, sports gear, patio furniture)

  • Seasonal items (Clothes, winter tires)

  • Tax documents

If you need extra space to store these seasonal items consider renting a storage unit in Edmonton.  Storage units come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for storing items that are not used on a regular basis.

Storage Tips

Vacuum Pack Seasonal Clothes

A fashionable wardrobe can take up a surprising amount of space. When packing items away for the season consider storing them in vacuum sealed bags. Not only will this save you loads of space, but it will keep your clothing protected from dust mold and bugs.

Organize your Self Storage Unit

Getting oriented in a storage unit that you don’t visit too often can be hard, and even harder when everything is piled in the corner in identical cardboard boxes. Use these simple storage tips to make the next time you pull something out of storage a breeze:

  • Label everything

  • Furniture and rarely touched items placed in the back of the storage unit

  • Use standard size boxes for ease of stacking

  • Create an inventory of your storage unit

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