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How To Choose A Self Storage Unit

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St Albert Self storage units are a great resource for storing furniture during a move, storing excess business inventory or if you are simply decluttering your home.  Although size does matter, there are other factors that are important to consider.  As you begin your search for the ideal self storage unit, it is important to find a unit that fits your needs.

Here are some of the things you will need to consider when renting a storage unit:


You will need to take into account how long you plan to store items as it may be important to provide space for ventilation and access.  When belongings are being stored for short periods of time, it is usually okay to pack them closer together.  When storing for longer periods, providing extra space for ventilation and access is vital.

If you will be storing for a longer period of time, make sure you organize your storage unit so that the items you will need to frequently access are at the front.


Once you're clear on what you need a self-storage unit for and how you'll use it, be sure to take a full inventory of the items to determine the size of storage unit that fits your needs.  Making a list is often useful as you will be less likely to forget items. 

Keep in mind that you'll want to rent a storage unit near you big enough to store all of your items and give yourself a little room to work.  You don't want to rent the smallest storage unit possible and then have to empty half of it to get to one box.  Make sure you think about your future needs.  If it is likely that you will be adding items in the future, rent a space that will accommodate these as well.

Here are some typical storage unit sizes:

5x5 - About the size of a small walk in closet.  Good for storing Christmas decorations or gardening equipment.

5x10 - Can hold small amounts of furniture, such as from a single bedroom or a living room.

10x10 - Good for storing things from three rooms or a one bedroom apartment.

10x15 - Can hold the contents of a two bedroom apartment or home.

10x20 - Will hold the contents of a three to four bedroom apartment or home.  These units can also be ideal for commercial inventory and storage racks.

10x30 - Big enough for a large family sized home with typical furniture while still leaving room for those smaller items and many large boxes.  These units are also ideal for storing vehicles and commercial equipment.


Knowing how often you'll need to access your unit will help you figure out what type of St Albert storage unit to choose.  Where your unit is and how easy it is to reach from your vehicle are important things to consider.  Some outdoor units have 24 hour access, but indoor units may only be accessed during business hours.  Be sure to meet your needs by renting a storage unit with appropriate access. 


There are different types of self storage, if you have items that are temperature sensitive, such as electronics, antiques, musical instruments, etc., you may want to consider a climate-controlled unit as opposed to a garage style unit that's outdoors.


When renting an outdoor storage unit, you're basically renting a secure garage.  These units are perfect for anything you would feel comfortable storing in a garage or shed.  They are clean and secure; however, they may not be the right fit for delicate or valuable items which can be affected by extreme temperatures and moisture.


These units are typically more expensive, but you are getting the benefit of a stable environment for your things.  Climate-controlled units are preferable for your delicate and valuable pieces.   As most of these units are located indoors, you will want to consider parking availability, the floor your unit is on and it's distance from the stairs/elevator.


The security of the unit itself is also important, especially if you are storing valuables or prized possessions.  Consider where the unit you are renting is located in the storage facility.  Some areas will have better lighting and camera coverage.  Also look at if it has secured gated access or simply just the lock on your storage unit door to protect it.


Certainly, the affordability of the unit is often a big consideration for most people.  If you are storing items that do not have sentimental value or would not be expensive to replace, perhaps you can use the least expensive unit.  If you have delicate or very expensive items, you may want to spend the extra money on a good climate-controlled unit to avoid damaging your belongings.

Also, be aware of the move in specials.  Some units may have a promotion whereas others will not.  Keep in mind how long you will be needing your unit as a larger or climate-controlled unit may cost you less for a shorter period of time.

Selecting the right storage unit matters.  Determining the right kind of storage unit for your needs will prove to be your best value.  When visiting a reputable storage facility, staff will be trained and experienced in helping you determine the proper storage space for your needs.  Make sure to bring your inventory list and ask to view the space if you are still uncertain of the size you need.

With both unheated and climate controlled indoor storage lockers, Riel Park RV & Self Storage has a space to store your items both large and small.  We have storage solutions of various sizes for all your storage needs.  Rent a storage unit online or call one of our storage rental experts at 780-459-6435 to reserve your storage unit.

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