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Fall Cleaning & Storage Tips

Fall Cleaning, Storage and Organization

Fall is a great time to take a serious look at your exterior space to get ready for winter.  Whether you have a balcony or a full-size yard to take care of, this is an opportunity to declutter and organize your seasonal items. Here are some helpful tips:

What To Store & Declutter

The following cleaning and storage tips may help you determine what needs to be done now and what can wait until spring:

  1. Cut back perennial plants

  2. Rake and dispose of fallen leaves

  3. Store outdoor patio furniture

  4. Store planters

  5. Store outdoor game items

  6. Clear gutters and examine roof

  7. Clean windows

  8. Protect your air conditioner

  9. Rent a storage unit near you in St Albert

Cut back perennial plants

In the Fall, tulips, irises and other bulb plants can be trimmed back when their leaves have browned and dried out. Some vines can be trimmed back without damage, others should be left alone and trimmed when they start to green up in spring.

Decorative bushes like lilacs should not be trimmed back if you want blooms in the spring. Rake up any debris and load in your green bin. For perennials that are more delicate, make sure to mulch the area to protect their roots.

If you are unsure which perennials should be trimmed back in the Fall, contact your garden center for specific advice.

Rake and dispose of fallen leaves

Some experts advise us to leave our fallen leaves where they fall to protect the lawn grasses, others advise clearing them off to prevent snow mold in the spring. It’s your personal choice which works for your yard.

When raking up your leaves, be careful not to damage the roots of your grasses, bushes and perennials. Using a leaf blower to remove debris from rock and flower beds saves time and energy. Also, crushing the leaves allows you to use them as mulch and they take up less room in your green bin if you are removing them.

Store outdoor patio furniture

Outdoor furniture can be damaged by heavy snowfall and snow and ice build up. It’s best to store them in a dry protected area so they last longer.   Make sure that your seat cushions and pillows are completely dry before storing, to avoid mildew and mold.

A Drive-Up St. Albert storage unit works well for storing seasonal items, particularly if you are not going to be using them during the winter months.

Store planters

Plant pots and moveable planters can be stored in an outside shed or tarped against the garage or fence. Remove any plant material before storing. It makes it less hassle to remove snow from your deck, patio or driveway if there is nothing blocking the way.

In the spring you will then be able to easily check the soil in your plant pots and planters, to see if it just needs working, needs freshening or if it needs to be replaced.

Store outdoor game items

Croquet mallets and balls and other outdoor games do not weather winter snow falls all that well. It’s best to store them until spring. When collecting game items, examine them to see if they should be fixed, stored or replaced. If they can be repaired, designate a storage spot for them. If they should be replaced, dispose of them now.

A St. Albert self storage space allows you to store these items without causing clutter in your garage or home. Especially in our climate, you will want to have room to keep your vehicles in the garage.

Clean gutters and examine roof

Clean out your house and garage gutters to ensure spring runoff doesn’t cause water backups that damage your property.

Examine your roof for potential leaks and shingle damage. A blanket of snow can hide a number of issues that you will not discover until it’s too late.

Clean windows

Clean the outside panes of your windows. During the winter months, you will want to let in as much light as possible. It’s amazing how much dust can accumulate over the summer months.

Protect your air conditioner

If you have an outside air conditioner unit, cover it with the appropriate cover or tarp to minimize snow and ice build up. Ensure that it isn’t accidently turned on after you have covered it to avoid damaging the unit.

Rent A Storage Unit Near You In St Albert

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, we have drive-up access outdoor storage units that are perfect for storing all of your seasonal items. With a variety of sizes and month to month storage unit rentals available, we’ll be sure to have what you’re looking for.

There are many reasons to use self storage, if you are new to self storage, give one of our storage rental experts a call today at 780-459-6435 and they will be happy to help you find a storage unit suitable for all your household storage needs.  You can also check out our storage unit size guide or rent or reserve a unit online.

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