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Benefits of Self Storage for Growing Businesses

Self Storage For Your Business

You have had a great idea for starting a business and decided to take the plunge. You expected to be successful though it’s growing much faster than you anticipated.

How do you stay organized and where do you keep inventory, paperwork and the paraphernalia that goes with running a business? You are already working from home or have the perfect small store front that suits your business.

Renting a self storage unit may be the answer you are seeking. Here are some ways you can use self storage to benefit your growing business:

  1. Storing inventory

  2. Setting up a packing & shipping location

  3. Storing seasonal items

  4. Storing marketing materials

  5. Storing paperwork

Storing Inventory

As an owner of a growing business, you will need storage space to store current inventory to be able to fill and ship orders quickly and efficiently. Even if your business product is totally custom, you will still need space to store the materials and tools needed to create your customer’s wants.

Renting a storage unit in St. Albert, AB to store items that may just clutter up your workshop could be the answer. Setting up offsite storage that is well organized and properly catalogued will free up space, decrease duplication of effort and tools and reduce your stress in the long run.

Setting up a Packing & Shipping location

In today’s market, customers are often asking products to be shipped to their home. Shipping boxes, packing materials, etc. can take up a lot of space in your home or place of business. Setting up a packing station inside a self storage unit, especially if that is where you keep your inventory, can save time and hassle.

If you decide on a climate controlled unit, you would have a comfortable location year-round to take care of your packing and shipping needs.

Storing Seasonal Items

We live in a location where there are four distinct seasons in addition to the variety of holidays in our calendars. Often our business inventory and marketing materials are geared to these specific seasons.

Storing seasonal items at your business location, whether this is your home, garage or office space, can take up valuable real estate. Rather than looking for a larger location or warehouse space, consider self storage as a viable, cost-effective storage solution.

Storing Marketing Materials

Marketing materials can range from business cards, postcards, and banners to placards and portable signs. If you market your products at outdoor or indoor markets you may have folding tables, furniture and pop-up gazebos that need regular storage, depending on the season.

Not having off-site storage for marketing materials that are not a part or your daily or weekly needs, can take up space that could be better used for current operational tasks. Also, having these materials out of daily traffic at a self storage facility can prevent damage and potential discolouration.

Storing Paperwork

Even in our digital age there is paperwork that needs to be kept for tax reasons or for other legal entities. Storing paperwork long term requires more attention than items that do not necessarily need protection from water, insects or rodents.

If you are storing paperwork in cardboard boxes, they should be stored up off the floor to avoid flood or moisture damage. It would be optimal to store your paperwork in sealed plastic containers. However you decide to store these items, make sure that the boxes or bins are well labelled with the contents and applicable business year, for easy access when needed.

Climate controlled self storage is ideal for protecting valuable documents as variations in temperature and humidity can increase paper deterioration.

If you’re in need of extra space, a self storage unit is a great storage option.  Rent a St. Albert storage unit online or call one of our storage rental experts at 780-459-6435. We offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes for any long term or short term storage needs.  Safe and secure storage near you in St. Albert, AB.

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