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Bicycle Storage

Bicycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some well needed exercise. Not to mention, biking to work will cut down on the money spent on gas and is great for the environment!

If you live in a place that has rainy seasons or cold winter months, you probably will not be riding your bike all year round.  You will need somewhere safe and secure to store your bike while you’re not using it.

Here are 6 storage tips on how to store your bicycle.

  1. Clean your bike before storing

  2. Keep tires fully inflated

  3. Bike hooks are a good storage solution

  4. Bike rack as an alternate storage option

  5. Store your bike indoors

  6. Rent a storage unit


Before putting your bike away in storage, you will want to give it a good clean. This will prevent dirt, grime, and salt from causing damage to the finish or moving parts while it’s in storage. Make sure to wipe down the frame, chain, and everything else before it is put away.

Avoid using a pressure washer, as that could damage the bike. A simple soap and water mixture will do the trick.


Unless you are using bike hooks to hang from the ceiling, your bike will be resting on its tires. Make sure the tires are fully inflated before storing your bike for the season. If the tires are flat, storing them this way can lead to the tires warping and creating flat spots. You don’t want a flat tire when it’s time to break it out of storage and go for a ride.


If you have the space in your home to store your bike, a good storage option would be to suspend your bike from the ceiling using bike hooks. You can install them in your garage, shed or wherever you have room, to protect them from the elements. If you don’t have a garage space to use, a closet or spare room would be a perfect option.


If you don’t want to install hooks into your ceiling, another great option is to use a bike rack. These racks tend to be lightweight, and some can easily hold two bikes. A bike rack will keep your bikes looking organized and can even act as a centerpiece for your living space.


Wherever you choose to store your bike, whether it be for long term, or short term, find a place that is indoors. You want to make sure your bike stays in good condition and lasts a long time. Storing your bike indoors will help keep it clean and protected from the elements.


You may not have enough storage space in your home to store your bike indoors. Maybe you don’t ride your bike very often or only during certain times of the year. In this case, you may need to consider renting a self storage unit to keep it safe. A storage facility is a great place to keep your bike safe, secure, and in good condition until you are ready to use it again.

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