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Tips For Packing & Organizing Your Storage Unit

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No matter what your reason is for renting a storage unit, planning how your stuff is packed and organized in your storage unit makes a difference. Easy access to what you will need on a regular basis will save you time and stress.

Creating an accurate map of your unit showing what you are storing where and how you will be able to access it will keep you organized. Here are some tips  to consider when organizing and packing your storage unit:

  1. Pack like items together for easy access

  2. Use stackable boxes and bins

  3. Label all stored belongings

  4. Heavy items on the bottom

  5. Shelving can help maximize the space in your storage unit

  6. Create walking paths

  7. Pack Your Storage Unit Back to Front 

  8. Map your storage unit

Pack Like Items Together For Easy Access

When you are packing up items for storage, pack items that have similar purpose or belong in the same room or location together. For example, it makes more sense to pack your holiday dishware and serving dishes with your holiday decorations than with regular use dishware. Cookbooks with kitchen stuff, rather than with fiction and training manuals. Plan how you will pack your stored belongings that you will want regular access too.

Do Not Overpack Boxes and Bins

If you are putting boxes and bins in a storage unit, you will want to be able to stack them comfortably. You do not want your boxes and bins bulging at the seams so they won’t sit square with each other. Vertical space is valuable and you want to make sure you take advantage of being able to stack your items.

Packing boxes are made of strong cardboard and can be stacked easily if not overpacked. These boxes do not crush easily, like some boxes you may pick up from a store’s recycling. If you are using bins, ensure they will easily fit on top of each other to create a stable stack.

Label All Stored Belongings

Clearly label boxes and bins on at least one length and one width side so they will be easily recognized from two different directions. Labels on the top does little good if you are stacking them on each other. Placing a detailed list of contents in the top of the box or bin will save you from digging through several kitchen boxes to find one utensil. Labels should be easily read, descriptive and non fading. Sharpies work really well.

Heavy Items on the Bottom

To avoid toppling stacks and crushed boxes and items, make sure your heaviest boxes are the base of any stacks you create. Also, if your heavy boxes are smaller than your lighter boxes, which should be the case, create a base with two or more heavy boxes together to support your larger lighter boxes. You don’t want a stack to go from a small base to larger items on top, causing a safety issue.

Shelving Can Help Maximize the Space In Your Storage Unit

Using stand alone shelving or bookcases to hold unusually shaped items, fragile pieces or stuff that you need to have visible, saves space and possible breakage. Ensure any labelling is easily seen.

Create Walking Paths

When you are planning where your items will be stored in your self storage unit, make sure that you make allowance for space to get to the items you may need to access. Walking paths through your stacks will be helpful. Your stacks can be higher against the walls, though you should probably keep stacks in the centre of your unit low enough that you can see over them. Remember to keep safety top of mind.

Pack Your Storage Unit Back to Front 

Keep the items you need the least access to at the back of the storage unit and those things that you may need sooner to the front of your storage unit. With careful planning you should not have to move many bins or boxes to find what you need.

Map Your Storage Unit

Take the time to make a map of what you have in storage and where it is located in the unit so you can keep track of your stuff in storage. Have one copy on a wall inside the self storage locker and another copy at home for reference. Update your map any time you have made changes to what is stored and where it is stored.

Take pictures of your unit that illustrate what is stored there. This is particularly useful for insurance purposes if there are any future problems.

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