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Organize Your Business With The Help Of Self Storage

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Keeping your business organized is key in helping it run smoothly and efficiently. Not every business owner can keep things organized in the space they have available. This is where a self storage rental comes in handy.

Here are some storage tips to organize your business with the help of self storage:

  1. Store Inventory In A Storage Unit And Keep A List

  2. Sort Everything Into 3 Piles

  3. Keep Your Self Storage Unit Organized

  4. Use Your Self Storage Unit For Document Storage

  5. Store Business Vehicles

Store Inventory In A Storage Unit And Keep A List

Most offices do not have extra space for storage. Instead of spending a lot more money by upgrading the size of your office space, rent a St. Albert self storage unit.  Check out our guide on 6 signs your office space is too small.

When you have decided to rent a storage unit to help organize your business, simply throwing everything into your storage unit will not keep you organized. Create an inventory list for your storage unit and make sure to update it regularly.

With an inventory list, finding that important file or a piece of office equipment will be quick and easy so you do not spend all day in your storage unit looking for things.

Sort Everything Into 3 Piles

The first pile should be for items that should stay in your office. This is anything that is used regularly or current files that are still being worked on.

The second pile is for anything that needs to be tossed. Any broken items or things that simply do not get any use anymore can either be tossed or donated.

The third pile is for everything that will be taken to your storage unit. Extra furniture, old files, extra inventory, etc., can all be placed in your storage unit.

Keep Your Self Storage Unit Organized

Place larger and less used items on the bottom and at the back of the storage unit. Keep items that you will need frequent access to at the front of your storage unit.

Try to get boxes or totes that are all the same size for easier stacking and label everything.

When you are renting a storage unit, rent a storage unit that is a little bigger than you need. This way you can make an aisle down the middle of your unit to have easier access to all of your items.  Storage units come in a variety of sizes and we can help you choose a storage unit for your business.

Use Your Self Storage Unit For Document Storage

Most business records need to be kept for a long time. A self storage unit is perfect to store and organize all of your old business documents.

Invest in some file boxes or even put file cabinets in your storage unit to keep everything organized.

A climate controlled storage unit offers the best protection for your stored documents.

Store Business Vehicles

If your business has company vehicles, consider storing them at a safe and secure self storage facility. At Elite Self Storage St. Albert we have a fully paved and fenced in compound with security cameras, security patrols and great lighting. Your company trucks or trailers will be safe and secure and with daily access from 6am to 10pm, 365 days a year.  You can access your vehicles whenever needed.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage an Elite Self Storage in the Riel Business Park in St. Albert we have unheated storage units with drive up access and climate controlled storage units in a variety of sizes to suit your business storage needs.  Our St. Albert Storage Facility is fenced and gated with individual coded access, well lit and equipped with video surveillance.   We offer month to month storage rentals with no security deposits.

Give one of our friendly storage rental experts a call today at 780-459-6435 so we can help you find the perfect storage solution for your business needs.

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