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Kids Room Organization and Storage Ideas

Organized Children's Bedroom With Storage

Kids rooms can be an exciting decorating and storage challenge. Dirty clothes on the floor instead of in baskets, dresser drawers bursting open, and a mountain of toys scattered about. It can look like a tornado swept through it at any moment of the day.

Don’t despair there are storage solutions! Take a deep breath and let’s get started with these 5 organization tips:

  1. De-junk before organizing

  2. Toy storage

  3. Book storage

  4. Clothing storage

  5. Think outside the box


Especially with young children, when it’s getting closer to Christmas or their birthdays, ask them to spend a day with you going through their collection of toys and art supplies to make room for something new. Anything that is broken or has significant pieces missing should be thrown away.

Toys or stuffed animals in good shape can be donated to children in need. Have your child participate in these decisions. Pay attention to ones they have emotional attachment to versus those that they view as just cool to have. Encourage them to be generous to make another child happy without making them feel deprived.

Have your child choose a small collection of toys they really want to keep. Box up those that are maybes and store them. When your child gets bored of the toys they have in their room, rotate them with the ones you’ve put in the box. It will be like them having new toys without significant costs to you.

Go through your child’s clothing regularly. Kids outgrow clothing faster than we can keep up when they are hitting growth spurts. Box up outgrown clothing from older siblings or friends hand me downs. Label the boxes with the correct sizes, and store away until your smaller children need these sizes.

When there is no one to pass the outgrown clothing to, sort the well worn from the in good shape items. Clean and donate those that are in good shape.  If you don't have room at home to store your extra clothing consider renting a self storage unit.  A self storage unit is a great place to store cribs, highchairs, playpens, bicycles or other items you may need for future children.

After paring down toys, clothing, books, and knick-knacks, you can start researching storage options.


There are so many fun and cute ways to store toys. A good piece of storage furniture may be a bookshelf or cubby-style shelving unit. They are versatile while keeping things visible to your child.

Clear plastic bins are great way to store and organize toys, especially if you remove the lids or have large openings that they can just toss stuff into. You can label them with pictures or words depending on the age of your child. Have separate bins for like items that will make sense to your child. They need clean up to be quick and easy.

They also need to know that it will be easy for them to find what they want when they are playing. For example, you can separate Legos into colour or brick types, whichever works best for your child’s collection.

If you want to be a little more colourful or stylish, go for it. There are so many cute and trendy storage options like fabric, wire, and wicker baskets. Do try to stick to one type of storage container. This will clear up visual clutter and help the room look more organized.

If you’re lacking floor space, and cubbies just won’t fit, consider getting a hanging closet organizer. Store toys in bins that will fit into the pockets of the closet organizer.


Children certainly benefit from a ready supply of books and reading material. However, children’s bedrooms can sometimes be too small for a free-standing bookshelf. A possible solution is to install floating shelves. These take up much less visual and physical space in a small room. Just make sure they are anchored very well as it may end up being a climbing wall.

In a larger room, you could create a small reading nook for your child. Line a corner of the room with floating bookshelves and place a soft rug or cushion underneath. Place a basket near by full of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals to be used as reading buddies. This makes reading a cozy and comforting pastime and everything has a home.


Dressers can take up a lot of space in a child’s bedroom. There are a few things you can do to maximize your bedroom storage without having to downsize your child’s wardrobe. You can consider putting the dresser in the closet. A narrow, longer dresser will fit nicely under any hanging clothes.

You can hang baskets off the clothes rail to hold things like socks and underwear or jewelry and hair accessories.

Sometimes those folding closet doors have a hard time closing, and this can make the space look messy and disorganized. Consider taking the doors out and hanging a curtain instead. This will give the room a more open and airy feeling. It will also allow better access to clothes hanging deeper in the sides of the closet.


You may find that there is enough clearance under your child’s bed for small storage bins or baskets. This is a good place to put excess clothes if you don’t have room for a dresser.

A loft bed gives you lots of space for toy storage, a reading nook, or even a small desk and study space if the bed is tall enough.

The right storage furniture can help you maximize the space in your child’s bedroom. Think of pieces that can pull double duty, like a toy chest with an upholstered top for cozy seating. Storage crates or boxes with wheels on them can be used as both storage and toys.

If your child is a budding artist, create a space on their wall where they can hang one or two pieces of their art. You can even display a collection of toys as part of the room’s décor.


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