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How To Keep Your Small Business Clutter Free

Clutter Free Small Business

If you are running a small business, you may have issues with clutter. Freeing up your time and space to concentrate on growing your business is something to consider.

Whether you are operating your business out of your home or you have a business location, you will need a dedicated space for your work.

Follow these tips to keep your workspace organized, clutter free and to increase productivity:

1. Go Vertical
2. Go Through All Your Paperwork
3. Go Paperless
4. Clean Up Your Computer
5. Take Advantage Of Social Media
6. Manage Your Time Better
7. Rent A Self Storage Unit

Go Vertical

If you need more space, going vertical with open shelving is an effective solution for those items you wish to always have visible. This will give you the ability to keep everything neat and organized without taking up much space.

Go Through All Your Paperwork

Every business can accumulate a large amount of paperwork. Pull it all out and go through everything. Get a file cabinet to organize papers that are currently needed or are used daily.

Pick up some file boxes to put away all of the paperwork that is not needed on a regular basis, such as tax documents. Consider storing completed paperwork offsite to reduce clutter.

At Riel Park RV & Mini Storage we have drive up outdoor units and climate-controlled units available here in St. Albert.

If you are operating your business out of your home, consider decluttering your whole house rather than just your work space, using our declutter your home in 4 steps guide.

Go Paperless

When you are looking at the amount of paperwork you generate in your business, it may be an opportunity to look into going paperless.  There are online applications that can sort and store your information.

There are programs which allow you to scan, sort and retain your receipts and tax information or that will produce, sort and store your invoices and follow-up contact information. Keep financially organized and on top of your income and expenses by posting on a weekly basis. Any one of these applications could save you time and money allowing you to spend more time and energy on generating growth in your business.

Clean Up Your Computer

Clutter in a small business is not limited to paper and product samples. The worst offenders can be your desktop screen and your email files.

Schedule a time to clean off your desktop screen regularly; weekly is a good option. Set up folders in your email account for easy sorting as your emails come in.  Sort by new customer queries, follow-up with existing customers, articles to read, invoices, receipts and marketing.

Then go through your inbox and sort saved emails, delete those no longer relevant or important to the business and empty your trash folder. Your inbox will be more current and less daunting.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Using social media as an avenue to generate business may be appropriate. Rather than devoting time daily to post blogs, etc., utilizing the option to set up release times for multiple posts can free up a considerable amount of your time. Scheduling a dedicated time weekly to set up your campaigns will assist you in having a more focused and less stressful approach.

Manage Your Time Better

Rather than cluttering up your desk with post it notes, to do lists, notes on napkins etc., post notes to your cloud account, sorting them into appropriate folders. Set up time management and/or a scheduling application, as your time is your most valuable asset to your small business. Stay organized in what is important to your business; what are you in business to do? That should be your main focus.

With an organized approach running your business, you will have a stronger possibility of growing a successful business with more time spent on what you enjoy doing.

Rent A Self Storage Unit

After you have cleaned up and decluttered your office space, you are sure to have some items that don’t have a home. Even if you can’t find a place for some items, it doesn’t mean that they need to be discarded. Items such as extra furniture, important documents, or other items that you need on a less regular basis, can be kept safe in secure in a self storage unit.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage, we have a variety of sizes of both climate controlled and drive up access storage units. With great lighting, security cameras, individual access code gated entry and security patrols, you can rest assured that your business items will be safe and secure. With access hours from 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week, you can have the freedom to access your items whenever is convenient to you.

Give one of our friendly customer service representatives a call today at (780) 459-6435, or reserve or move into a unit online today.  We offer short term and long term rentals with no long term contract.  Make a no hassle, no obligation reservation today!

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