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How To Choose a Storage Unit for Business


When you are considering off-site storage for inventory documents for your business, there are a few questions that will assist you in determining the right storage unit for you.

  1. Will this business storage be a long-term decision or is the storage for a temporary situation, such as a renovation?  Using self storage facilities are usually more economical than increased office or retail space.  Often discounts will be applied if you prepay for 6 months or 1 year for your unit.

  2. Have you decided what particular items you will be storing?  Documents, seasonal inventory, online inventory, high volume sales inventory?  Will they be boxed or loose?  Boxed items should be labelled clearly on the sides and top of the box so there are no restrictions on where they are placed in the storage unit.

  3. Have you estimated the size of storage unit you will need?  Will you need climate controlled storage for the items you are planning to store? What access will you need to these stored items?  Account for extra space for ventilation and access aisles.

  4. How often will you need access to the stored items?  Does the storage location need to be close to your business?

  5. What level of security is best for you and your stored items?

Reducing the clutter in your work space is a valid reason for renting a storage unit.  A self storage unit can be used for surplus furniture storage, corporate and customer document storage, seasonal stock storage, excess inventory storage, promotional or marketing material storage .  Reduce stress by decluttering and organizing your office.

With the above questions answered you are ready to look at organizing your unit for easy access and efficiency.  Setting up a map of the space will help you and others to know where to place items you're adding to the storage unit and where to find items you're taking out.  Group like items together when you're mapping.  A current inventory list attached to the map inside the unit will help everyone.

Set up a walking aisle so you or your staff are not wasting time moving other boxes to get to what you need.  Heavy items on the bottom, lighter items as you go up.  Also, consider rarely used items, or older documents to be located on the bottom of the pile.

Consider the height of the unit you will be renting.  At Riel Park RV & Self Storage our drive-up units have 10' H ceilings and an 8' roll up door.  Take advantage of vertical space whenever possible.  Will you be bringing in portable shelves for boxed items or smaller items that need to be remain visible?

If your storage unit for rent is not drive up access, are there stairs to negotiate or is there an elevator available?  Is this a consideration for you or your staff?

Are you most comfortable with access code security and surveillance cameras on the property or would you feel more secure inside a locked building with manned security.

When considering commercial self storage in St Albert, Riel Park RV  & Self Storage can accommodate many of your business needs.  We have drive up unheated storage units and climate-controlled units in our main office building.  Call us at 780-459-6435 to discuss your business storage needs.

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