Create More Storage Space In Your Home

Ways To Create More Storage Space In Your Home

Organized Shelving With Storage Bins

Storage space in any home is at a premium. Learning the best ways to take advantage of this space and even creating more is important to keeping your home clean and organized.

Here are 7 ways to create more storage space in your home:

  1. Declutter

  2. Use Better Storage Solutions

  3. Go Vertical

  4. Take Advantage Of Storage Space Under Furniture

  5. Use Your Doors For Storage

  6. Invest In Storage Furniture

  7. Rent A St. Albert Self Storage Unit


We all have a tendency to hold on to items in hopes that we may use them again. Having your clutter in your home can not only cost you time when you are trying to find something, but it can also cost you money by buying duplicates of items you forgot you had or couldn’t find. The first step to create more storage space in your home is to declutter.

Start with your closets and any storage areas that you have in your home. Decluttering these first will give you more room to store items from around your home as you go from room to room.

If something hasn’t been used in a few years, it’s time to get rid of it. Storage space in your home is valuable and you don’t want to waste it on items you never use. Anything that is broken or stained should also be tossed.  Once you have decluttered your closets and storage spaces, proceed to go through your home room by room to finish the job.

When you are decluttering, also remember that you don’t need 50 of everything for back ups, such as towels, bed sheets, kitchen utensils, etc.

Use Better Storage Solutions

Having the proper storage solutions, containers and organization ideas plays a big part on getting the most out of the space in your home.

Invest in some clear plastic containers to make it easier to find items when you need them. Also make sure to buy bins and containers that can stack to take advantage of more space.

Decorative baskets are great for shelves that you have throughout your home. They can hide items to make your room look less cluttered and also keep everything together in one place.

Go Vertical

There is an abundance of unused space in most homes. One of the best and easiest ways to create a lot more storage space in your home is by taking advantage of vertical space.

Simply hang some wall mounted shelves or wire shelving in your closets, storage rooms or even any room around your house to get your belongings off the floor.

When storing items vertically, take advantage of bins and baskets. Make sure to never make the baskets too heavy in case they fall when you are putting them up or taking them down. Heavier items should always be closer to the floor.

You can also get hooks or hanging baskets that can pretty much go anywhere. Just make sure to not go overboard with these options or you risk making your home look cramped and cluttered again.

Take Advantage Of Storage Space Under Furniture

There is an enormous amount of extra space under all of your beds and couches. Pick up some under the bed storage containers to make use of this space. They are typically clear and have wheels to make them easy to get in and out from under your furniture.

These are great for storing seasonal clothing and bedding and other items that are less frequently used.

Use Your Doors For Storage

The inside of closet and cabinet doors and the back of bedroom doors are also an overlooked storage solution.
There are many types of organizers, shelves and hooks that are specifically made to hang over your doors. These are great for hanging bathrobes and towels, shoes and so much more.

Invest In Storage Furniture

A simple and great storage solution is to invest in some furniture that also has extra storage. You can find coffee tables with slide out tops to hide all of the little items that can clutter up your living room.

Ottomans are a great option. They are especially good for storing extra blankets and pillows.

There are also beds and couches that lift up and have tons of extra storage space underneath. The options of what to do with all of this extra space is endless.

Rent A St. Albert Self Storage Unit

When you have finished decluttering and organizing your home, even with all of the great storage solutions out there, you still may not have enough space in your home to store everything properly. This is where renting a self storage unit in St. Albert comes in handy.

Store your camping gear, lawn equipment, or other seasonal items and family heirlooms in a safe and secure storage facility.

At Riel Park RV & Self Storage an Elite Self Storage Facility we have climate controlled and unheated drive up access storage units in a variety of sizes.

With top of the line security, no admin fees and access hours from 6am to 10pm 365 days a year, it is the right choice for your storage needs.

Give one of our friendly storage rental experts a call today at 780-459-6435 or rent or reserve a unit online.

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