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Swapping Out Your Seasonal Gear

Winter Clothing & Gear

When winter rolls around you need to think about making some changes around the house! From tires to coats to furniture there is always something to rearrange when the seasons change. Here are some of our top tips on switching out your seasonal items!

Your Tires

Something that is really important to do when the temperature drops is to change your tires. Driving with the wrong tires on your car can put you at real risk of an accident. Winter tires are designed to stay softer in colder temperatures so that there is better traction on the road. The best time to put your tires on is when it is consistently -7 for several days. Although there is not a legal requirement to have winter tires fitted to your car, it is highly recommended to have four winter tires when you drive in the winter in the province.
When you do change your tires you will need to have a think about what you will do with your summer tires or all seasons that won’t quite cut it for the cold. The best way to store your tires is to make sure they are clean, dry and wrapped tightly in plastic so that moisture can’t get to them. It’s also a good idea to store them off the ground to avoid any damage. If you’re short on space at home, a self storage unit can be the perfect answer to tire storage! With a variety of unit sizes available, self storage can help with many of your seasonal storage needs.


When the temperature drops, you are going to want to be getting your big coats, winter boots, hats, scarves, and warm sweaters ready. When you are swapping your clothes out you should think about how you plan to store your summer clothing. You won’t want to be putting everything away, however, things like shorts and sandals probably won’t get much use until the temperature picks up a little.
To safely store clothes in a way that avoids damage you should make sure that they are dry and neatly folded. Then, store them in either a plastic storage container with a lid, or a vacuum sealed storage bag. This way you can make sure that your clothing is in the same condition when it comes out as it was when it went in!

Seasonal Sports Equipment

Winter can cause a fair bit of wear to some of your outdoor furniture if you’re not careful. It can be a good idea to make sure that it is all stored safely. Your summer decor for the garden will need to be either tightly covered up or stored away for the snow and bad weather.
Storing your summer outdoor furniture for the colder months is simple, make sure that you have taken off all of your cushions and any pieces of fabric, then either stack the frames in a dry space, or a protected space outdoors.

Considerably Larger Items (RV’s)

If you own an RV and you are looking for some reliable winter storage, you should consider professional RV storage! Check out our article on why you should consider RV storage.
All of these things can free up valuable space in and around your home! With a Self Storage unit you can put in items whenever you need to and know that they will always be safe and secure. If you’d like to ask about storing special seasonal items give one of our storage rental experts a call at 780-459-6435 for more information and help with your storage questions, or reserve a unit online today.