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How Can You Winterize Your RV For Storage?

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When the weather conditions do not allow an avid RVer to enjoy travel, comfort, and fun during the winter season, most recreational vehicle owners start searching to winterize their RVs to store them in self-storage units. Winterizing RV properly is necessary before storing it as freezing, water, and rodents can damage the camper. To prevent camper damages, you should have to store it in self-storage units, and before storing, you'll have to consider the following:

Clean It Up

Thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of the RV before covering or storing it is necessary. You ought to remove dirt from the inside, take out valuables from the camper, and wash it with mild soap and clean water. Do a complete wax coating to your RV before storing it, as it can assist in avoiding hazards and damaging of rubbers and vinyl components.

Winterize Interior Of Your Camper:

Winterizing your royal RV interior is a good step as it's necessary to clean and cover some things to prevent deterioration. You'll have to do overall cleaning of the interior, and for the protection against sunshine, mildew, and other elements, follow the below steps:

  • Close all the windows to avoid sun exposure

  • Wipe up everything inside the camper to prevent mildew

  • Emptying water tanks and cleaning pipes help to prevent smells

  •  Remove all batteries and unplug any electronics

  • Cover burners to avoid spiders entry

  • Remove all drinks and food

  • Winterize all other electronic machines and completely dry the camper before storing

Apply an RV Cover:

If you're storing RV in a self-storage unit, make sure you've applied all the steps mentioned above. Applying an RV cover on the camper after the entire cleaning may provide extra protection, principally if you've chosen outdoor storage. Most covers of recreational vehicles are secure, waterproof, and climate control. Additionally, cover the RV wheels is essential for protecting tires because climate change, tree saps, and animal dropping may destruct them.

What are some things that can happen if you don't winterize your RV for storage?

Winterizing recreational vehicles means getting ready for storing your RV for the winter season to make it sustainable even in the freezing temperatures. On the other hand, if you want to keep and use your RV for the long run, it's crucial to follow the above steps to winterize your RV before storing it in a self-storage unit. Otherwise, additional damages may happen, which can deteriorate RV parts such as floor, body, paint, electric valuables, and much more.

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