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How Self Storage Can Help In Retirement

Retired Seniors Hugging

Retirement is a period of transition where you move from one stage of life to another. You have spent many years of your life in the workforce, and now it's time to unwind and do the things in life that you enjoy!  Here is a list of 5 tips on how self storage can help in retirement.

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How To Pack & Organize A Storage Unit

Storage Unit with shelving

A little planning ahead will ensure you have an organized storage unit and that space is maximized.  Check out these 13 storage tips to help you pack and organize a storage unit.  An organized storage unit will save you time, money and frustration.

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How To Store Appliances | Self Storage


Here is a list of how to store appliances in a rented self storage. Following these simple storage tips will ensure that they will be ready and in good working condition when you need them.

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Top Self Storage Tips For Summer

Self Storage Tips

Using self-storage during the summer months requires some special attention. We have created a list of suggestions to keep in mind for summer storage.

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How To Store Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument With Storage Case

Self storage facilities are an excellent option for storing musical instruments when you do not have space at home.  Here are some helpful storage tips on how to store musical instruments:

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Climate Controlled Storage Beats Summer Heat

Inside of Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Most people only think about using climate controlled storage to protect their belongings from the cold, but it is also important for keeping your valuable and sentimental items protected from the heat. Extreme heat can not only damage your belongings, but completely destroy them.

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First Timers Guide To Renting A Self Storage Unit


Self Storage is a service that allows you to store your items on a month to month basis, in a safe and secure environment.  If this is the first time you are renting a storage unit, we would like to share this first-timers guide to self storage.

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How To Store Furniture In Self Storage

Two Men Wrapping and Moving Furniture

Protecting your furniture in self storage is easy if you take the time to store it correctly. A Climate controlled storage unit will ensure that your valuable furniture will be protected from moisture and changing temperatures. 

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How Self Storage Can Help With Your Outdoor Home Project

Outdoor Patio with furniture

The amount of time spent at home this year may have already been inspiration enough to make plans to revamp your garden.  Depending on the space you have to work you can either make it a small project, or you can go all out and enjoy a total garden overhaul.

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How To Store Books & Magazines

Row of Books to Store

If you are a bookworm and have a collection of books and no place in your home to store or organize them, consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. Here are some valuable tips on how to store books and magazines.

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