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Relieve The Stress of Moving With Self Storage

Family sitting in van with moving boxes

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life.  Boxing up everything you own, cleaning your old home and transporting everything across the city can become overwhelming.  The use of a self storage unit as a temporary solution can considerably reduce the pressure on your moving day.

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How To Properly Pack Your Boxes

Couple with moving boxes

When moving to a new home or putting your stuff into a storage unit, knowing how to pack your boxes can relieve some of the stress of moving.  The most important thing you can do to protect your belongings is to pack your boxes properly.

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Moving - Packing and Self Storage Tips

Dog beside moving boxes

Moving can be stressful, however, with a little planning, you can reduce the amount of stress you are faced with.  If you find you are in between possession dates, storage units in Edmonton are a great solution.  

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Safety Tips for Moving Safely & Easier

Couple moving boxes out of home

Moving into a new place can be very exciting and stressful at the same time.  Whether you are moving into a new home or downsizing and renting a self storage unit, it is important to protect yourself and your belongings.

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Tips To Prevent Moving Injuries

Man holding back in pain

Moving boxes, furniture and heavy objects can cause injuries if not done correctly.  Whether you are moving, relocating, downsizing  to a new home or renting a self storage unit, you should always practice safe lifting techniques to prevent injuries. 

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Moving Boxes & Self Storage

Boxes Riel Park RV & Mini Storage

It's time to get ready to move and you're thinking "I need boxes".  Instead of visiting your local grocery or liquor store, consider picking up actual moving boxes from a moving company or self storage location near you.  Riel Park RV & Self Storage sells boxes of various sizes.

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Moving Supplies for an Easy Move

Merchandise Display Riel Park RV & Self Storage

When we are moving homes or into a self storage unit, the first thing most of us do is go in search of boxes.  Consider purchasing other moving and  packing supplies at Riel Park RV & Self Storage to help protect your belongings while moving or in storage.

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Tips for Moving in Winter

packed boxes with labels

Moving at any time requires some planning and can be stressful.  Winter might not be the ideal time to move, however it does present some financial benefits. Real Estate moves much slower so you may have the advantage of settling on a better price for your new home. Movers are more likely to accommodate your moving date at a lower cost.

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Make Transitioning Between Homes Easier With Storage

Family sitting on floor with moving boxes

Transitioning between homes can be a complicated process. If you take your time to organize everything in advance and explore your options, you can make things much easier for yourself.  A self storage unit is the perfect tool to help you through this process.

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Winter Moving - Slip & Fall Tips

Shoes with Grip walking on Ice

At this time of year, when temperatures are still hovering around freezing, we need to be vigilant regarding potential slips and falls.  A fresh snow fall after a day of above freezing temperatures can obsure underlying icy patches. 

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