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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for those who adore the Christmas season! Smells of gingerbread, shortbread and holiday baking fill the house with aromas we all love.  Sparkling lights, poinsettias and decorations fill your home, creating holiday magic.  Sadly, the magic has to come to an end when the new year arrives.

January can bring challenges when it comes to storing your Christmas items. Whether you have just a few precious ornaments or a home filled to the brim with decorations, its important that your holiday decorations are stored safe and secure, ensuring that they are kept in great condition for many years to come.

Here are some tips on making your holiday packing and storage less complicated and stressful:

Repurpose Household items

Most of us have an egg carton or two, so why not use them for ornament storage? An egg carton is secure, compact and is the perfect shape for most ornaments. They stack well, help keep your ornaments organized and are a very inexpensive storage solution.

Keep your beads in water bottles

Your beads can get wrapped around all of your ornaments and tangled with garland while in storage.  Use a water or pop bottle that has been cleaned and dried out.  Place the beads in the bottle and it becomes an instant no tangle solution.

Wreath Storage

Use a hanger and a clear plastic bag to store your Christmas wreaths. Bags and containers that are specially made to house your wreaths can be bulky and expensive. This DIY solution is a simple and great way to keep your wreaths clean and dust free.

Cord Chaos

We all know how frustrating it can be when our extension cords become tangled.  A very easy solution is to use toilet paper or paper towel tubes.  Label the outside of the tube with the length of the cord and place the cord inside the roll.  Your cords can now stay organized, tangle free and easy to find next year.

Christmas Lights

Most of us have had the honour of taking on the daunting task of untangling Christmas lights.  Wrapping lights around a piece of cardboard or plywood with one-inch notches cut out provides an easy, stress free and cost-effective method to store your lights. 

Another solution is to use old coffee cans.  Wrap the lights around the coffee can and place the ends through the lid. Your tangled masses will be no more!

Clear Containers

Use transparent containers or totes so you can easily view the contents inside.  Make sure to label the totes as well to find them even easier next season.

Wrapping Paper

Now that the holiday season is over and you have an abundance of wrapping paper, it’s time to store it for the next season.  Garment bags are a perfect storage solution for wrapping paper.  They can be purchased at almost any dollar store, hang easily and keep the rolls tidy and secure.

Artificial Trees

For many, an artificial tree is the way to go.  When it’s time to pack away the tree for storage, you may find that the box the tree originally came in has seen better days, or you just can’t seem to fit the tree back in the box. 

Shrink wrap is a great solution to keep your tree clean and protected.  Wrap your tree tightly with the wrap and next year, when it’s time to set up your tree, just remove the wrap, fluff up the branches and start your holiday decorating.

Linens and Miscellaneous Items

For all those miscellaneous items, such as, linens, stockings, tree skirts and table clothes, large zipper bags or vacuum seal bags are ideal for keeping holiday fabrics safe from dirt, dust and bugs.  These can be purchased from department stores, online or even at your local dollar store.

If you find that you are running out of space at home to store your Christmas decorations, climate-controlled storage units, like the ones at Elite Self Storage, are ideal for storing your holiday treasures.  You can feel comfortable in knowing that your items will be safe and secure with individual access codes and security cameras.  Self storage is an affordable option for all of your self storage needs.

Our friendly, professional staff are here to assist you with all of your self storage needs.  Elite Self Storage Langford is conveniently located at the corner of Sooke Road and West Shore Parkway in beautiful Langford, BC.  Storage lockers ranging from 5x5 to 10x15.  Call us today at 778-817-1296 for all your storage needs or reserve a unit online.

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