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How To Store Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture Storage

You always admired your Grandmas roll top desk. A beautifully crafted piece of wood furniture with stacked compartments, shelves and drawers that has been passed down from generation to generation. Because of your love for this piece of furniture, it has been left to you for many more years of enjoyment.

Climate Controlled storage facilities are the best option for storing antique pieces of furniture. They provide a storage space where fluctuations in temperature and humidity are minimal. You certainly don’t want to be storing your antiques in a basement or attic where moisture, dust, insects and other critters can damage them.

These storage tips will assist you in how to store your antique furniture:


Rent a storage unit from a storage facility with good reviews and that is close to where you live. Talk to the staff about your needs so they can help you choose the right size of self storage unit. It is important to look for a storage facility with climate-controlled storage units when storing your antique furniture.  An unheated storage unit could cause damage to your furniture.


Before placing your antiques in storage, remove any legs, mirrors and drawers. This will help you maximize the space in your storage unit and ensure that no pieces will be broken. Put all the screws, nuts and bolts into a ziplock bag and label what piece of furniture they belong to. To make putting your furniture back together a breeze, take photos of how you took it apart.


While bubble wrap can be an essential part of packing and storing items, it can be damaging to wood furniture by causing mold and mildew to form. Wood furniture is porous, and it needs to be able to breathe. Avoid wrapping it in plastic wrap or bubble wrap. Condensation can form and create issues such as swelling, discoloration and molding.


Even on a cloudy day, UV light can affect your furniture. Protect your furniture from those damaging rays by keeping your antiques out of direct sunlight. If you have a window in your storage unit, you may want to consider placing a curtain or sheet over the window to block those rays from coming in. UV light can damage your furniture, causing fading, cracking and breakage.


Before storing your furniture, take a few extra minutes to remove any dust, dirt or food debris. Use a fabric or upholstery cleaner on fabrics to remove any dirt or stains. Vacuum your fabrics and treat your leather before storing. This will ensure that your furniture will last longer.

Once your furniture is completely dry, it will be ready to store. Avoid placing any furniture in storage that is still damp, as it can cause mold to grow and will not last as long as you hoped! Wood furniture should be treated with a fresh coat of furniture polish, wax or paste to keep your wood healthy and avoid drying out.


Cover all your furniture before storing with sheets, blankets or drop clothes. This will keep dirt and dust off your valued collectables. Covering your wood pieces will also help prevent them from being scratched. Use additional padding on the corners and edges so that they are not damaged, or do not cause damage to other items being stored.


Ensure that your packing tape only touches the blanket, drop cloth or sheet that is covering your furniture. Tape glue can be disastrous if it attaches to the fabric or wood of your furniture. It can cause discolouration and a sticky mess.


Water and moisture are not something you want to deal with when storing your wood furniture.  An easy and inexpensive way to keep your furniture safe from the moisture of a concrete floor, is to place a plastic tarp or drop sheet on top of the concrete. Another great option is to use wooden pallets. This will create a barrier between your items and the concrete floor, as well as, creating more circulation within your storage unit.


Check on your furniture every three months to ensure that there is no damage while being stored. Certain animals and insects are known to feed on furniture. It’s best to find any damage sooner rather than later so you can address the problem and fix it.

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