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How Can You Store Tires So That They Won't Dry Rot?

How Can You Store Tires So That They Won't Dry Rot?

Storing tires can be a slightly frustrating process, especially when winter is creeping up. It's significant to store them accurately in a self-storage unit to keep them in good shape. Usually, people store tires in garages, or basements which is not an ideal solution as doing this may affect your tire's aging process. Storing tires properly may extend your tires' life, as well as saves money, hassle, and avoids dry rotting. Below, I've shared some tips on how you can store tires so that they won't dry Rot.

Wipe and Dry the Tires Properly

It's essential to remove dust, dirt, and grime from the tires before storing them as it can cause damage, particularly if it sits for too long. So, if you're planning to keep tires for the long term, it's necessary to clean tires properly and dry them thoroughly. Moreover, avoid cleaning products containing petrol as abrasive cleaners can damage tires.

Store Tires in Indoor Self-Storage Units

Choose indoor self-storage units instead of outdoor because sun exposure can heat the rubbers that can deteriorate your tires. So, it's recommended to store tires in indoor self-storage units, especially to avoid dry rotting.

Pack Tires in Plastic Bag

Airtight plastic bags can block the flow of the air, which keeps your tires in good condition as oxygen is also the leading tire spoiler. On the other hand, packing tires in vacuum-sealed plastic may help slow down the oxygen process, prevents oil, and keep tires dry, which is a good sign for the best results. 

Store Tires Either Vertically or Horizontally 

Once you've found a self-storage container and pack tires in a plastic bag, now it's time to store it correctly, as hanging or stacking tires with rims can cause deformities. It's good to store tires either vertically or horizontally to avoid damages and extend the life of your tires.

Common FAQS

Are there any reasons that I shouldn't store tires in a self-storage unit? No, there is no specific reason not to store tires in a self-storage unit. Although if you have enough space in your home or garage, you can save tires there but make sure to keep them away from heat sources, fuel, chemicals, or dangerous liquids. In contrast, it's absolutely safe to store tires in cool, dry, and humidity-free self-storage units. 

Should I store tires with air in them?

Keep the air at a half level as it's better to minimize the air in the tire to avoid extra burden on the rubber, which can cause cracking. 

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