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How Can You Store Patio Furniture For The Season?

How Can You Store Patio Furniture For The Season?

As the weather changes, it forces us to think about what we can do to store our patio furniture to avoid getting worse so that it stays as useful and durable as possible. With autumn and cold winter in Canada, it's slightly challenging to find accurate ways that might help to store your furniture to keep it looks good as like new even years later. To keep your furniture protective and to last a long time, it's superior to store it either in an indoor dry space or in shed storage, under a tarp.

However, before storing your furniture, make sure to thoroughly clean and repair it to avoid any further breakage. Below, I've mentioned some ways that you can follow to get help protecting your patio furniture for the season.

Use Weatherproof Protective Covers.

First, figure out what type of material your furniture is made of, as furniture's made of teak, aluminum, or stainless steel has the ability to endure every kind of weather. But, if it's impressive by seasons, then it's better to protect your patio furniture with weatherproof protective covers. There are plenty of durable, water-resistant, and strong covers that are breathable as well, to keep your furniture safe from rust, mildew, and mold.

Store Cushions, Fabrics, And Pillows

Climate change can easily damage the inside stuff of your furniture cushions, fabrics, and pillows, especially during the winter season. You can protect inside stuff from mold and mildew by storing it in a deck box, particularly for storing pillows and cushions. Whereas if you're storing fabrics in an area where there is a potential for rats, consider tarps and firmly tie them down for more safety.

Shed Or Indoor Storage

If you have enough storage to store your patio furniture in a shed or indoor storage, you should still consider using a safety cover to keep your furniture, cushions, table, and pillows safe from dust and water leaks. Although if you're in an area where you often face freezing weather, it's highly recommended to store your outdoor furniture in covered areas.


Use small-scale furniture that is collapsible and can store easily. Keep your furniture clean to store it inside, and use durable covers to protect it from dust and other elements. Storing patio furniture usually takes one day or two, but it's well worth it.

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