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Helpful Tips For Storing Furniture

Wrapping Furniture With Bubble Wrap For Storage

When you don’t have enough space in your current home, renting a storage unit is a great alternative to store furniture that you wish to keep. Whether you are moving, or doing some spring cleaning, you will need a safe space to keep your furniture.

Consider these 6 storage tips when storing your furniture:

  1. Rent a climate controlled storage unit
  2. Clean furniture before storing
  3. Disassemble furniture to maximize space in your storage unit
  4. Cover storage unit floor
  5. Cover stored furniture
  6. Label Breakables

Rent A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

When deciding which storage facility to rent a storage unit from, look for places that have climate controlled units. This will help protect furniture by keeping the temperature and humidity consistent in all seasons. With climate control, you can avoid moisture and extreme temperatures that will possibly damage your furniture.

Too much moisture can cause mold and rot to develop. Wooden furniture can also crack if there is a lot of fluctuation in temperature and humidity. At Elite Self Storage, we offer storage units that are indoor and climate controlled.  Climate controlled storage units offer the best protection for your belongings.

If you are new to self storage, be sure to read our first timers guide to self storage for some helpful tips.

Clean Furniture Before Storing

Before putting your furniture away in storage, give it a good clean. This will preserve the quality of your furniture while it is in storage. Otherwise, stains may become set in place, and any food crumbs will attract unwanted pests to your storage unit.

For wood furniture, you can use a wet towel with soap to remove stains, and make sure to dry completely. After the wood is thoroughly dry, use a wood polish to protect the finish on the wood furniture.

Vacuum out all the cracks and crevasses in your upholstered furniture. Check to see if you can use a steam cleaner to clean the fabric.

Wipe down leather furniture with a mixture of half vinegar and half water, then dry completely and apply a leather conditioner. Make sure all your furniture is dry before putting it in storage.

Disassemble Furniture To Maximize Space In Your Storage Unit

To maximize space in your storage unit, disassemble any furniture that can come apart. This will also make transporting and protecting your furniture easier. Put any hardware into separate bags, label and attach them to that specific piece of furniture. This will keep you organized when it is time to rebuild.

Cover Storage Unit Floor

Another way to protect your furniture from moisture, even in a climate controlled storage space, is to cover the floor. Instead of placing your furniture directly on the floor, use pallets to raise it off the ground.

Concrete floors can hold moisture, and water can potentially leak into your storage unit. If your furniture is sitting directly on the floor, in moist conditions, for an extended period of time, it can grow mold. It's also not a bad idea to put a waterproof tarp down on top of the pallets for extra protection.

Cover Stored Furniture

Protect your furniture in a storage unit from getting dusty and dirty. Make sure you use the right type of coverings for your furniture. Wooden furniture may be wrapped in plastic sheeting or bubble wrap.

Plastic wrap can trap moisture, so it is not best suited for leather or upholstered furniture. Instead, use sheets, blankets, or furniture covers to prevent the possibility of mold growth.

Label Breakables

You will want to protect any glass furniture from potentially cracking and breaking. Wrap up glass table tops with a layer of packing paper and make sure to keep any tape off the glass to avoid any glue residue. Use bubble wrap for another layer of protection and label it as “fragile” where it can be easily seen.

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