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8 Things You Should Never Store

8 Things You Should Never Store

Self storage is the best way to keep your belongings stored safely and securely when you don’t need them. You can enjoy the benefits of having a unit for as long or as little time as you need it for, knowing your things are being looked after in a secure space. However, there are some things, no matter how much you might want to store them, that have no place in a storage unit! Here are 8 things that you should never put in a storage unit!

  1. Food

    This is one of the most common things people overlook when packing their things for storage - it could be that they are putting boxes away during a move, or have just done some decluttering and want to store some extra items out of the way. It’s easy to forget the odd perishable item, so take extra care when you are packing your storage unit. Leaving any food in a storage unit could encourage pests, or run the risk of spreading mould.

  2. Medication

    Medications are important for people, in some cases they are essential. For storage units, however, they are the opposite. Medication should not be kept in a storage unit, this is for a few reasons. Medications that are unmarked may be mistaken for illegal items, and medications can also go out of date. If you store important medication away it may go out of date before it is needed.

  3. Dangerous Materials

    This one should be fairly obvious, but it is always good to make sure this point is clear. Storing any hazardous materials in a self storage unit is strictly prohibited. Hazardous items include; propane tanks, gasoline, and acids amongst other things.

  4. People

    A self storage unit is a place to store your things, not yourself! Or anyone else for that matter. We can’t be more clear on this one, it is illegal to sleep in a self storage unit, it’s also dangerous. Anyone caught trying to do this will face immediate eviction.

  5. Pets

    Same as above, pets have no business in a self storage unit. Leaving animals in a self storage unit is a really bad idea, it violates our policies and also will cause the animal a great deal of distress.

  6. Plants

    Plants need sunlight and water to grow and thrive, self storage units lack both. We can safely guarantee that a plant will not survive for very long if it’s left in a storage unit. If a plant is left in storage and begins to rot it can cause damage to your other belongings and be a hazard.

  7. Firearms

    We don’t allow firearms, ammunition, or any kind of explosives to be stored in our facility. If you are looking for storage options for firearms we suggest enquiring at your local shooting range or gun store.

  8. Anything that’s wet or damp

    When you’re loading things into your storage unit, you should take some time to check if everything is as dry as it can be. Anything that is wet or damp and left in storage runs a risk of mold and mildew which can cause chaos in a storage unit when left unchecked. The best way to avoid this problem is to bring some towels with you when you’re filling your unit to make sure everything is bone dry when you lock up and leave.

If you’re not sure about any items you want to store you can check with our storage experts by calling (250) 995-2735 or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At Elite Storage, Langford, all of our units are heated, indoor storage spaces which are ideal for any of your storage needs. We have units to suit any size requirement and can accommodate long-term, short-term, or seasonal storage.

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