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How Does Self Storage Work?

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People rent a self storage unit for various reasons; moving, downsizing, deployment, remodelling, marriage, divorce, retirement, extended travel, a death in the family, etc.  At Elite Self Storage we have no long term contracts, security deposits or admin fees.

Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?

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You are moving or downsizing and have decided to rent a self storage unit in Victoria, BC.  Now you need to decide - do I need climate controlled storage?   If you have sensitive and fragile items  they are better protected in a temperature controlled storage unit.                                                                                                                                     

Ways Seniors Can Benefit From Self Storage

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Many seniors are forced to make tough decisions when downsizing, travelling for an extended period of time, or moving into assisted living.  Renting a self storage unit in Edmonton can give you the extra space you need to hang onto these items.

Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit Online

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Elite Self Storage in Edmonton offers instant online reservations, move-ins and online payments.  Rent your unit online and move-in right away, or choose a future date any time of day.  Wherever you live, you are not far from affordable storage.

What Not To Store In A Storage Unit

Food products not to be stored in a storage unit

A personal self storage unit is an ideal solution for storing all sorts of things that you have no room for or no longer need in your home. Please keep in mind that there are some prohibited items that are not allowed to be put into a storage unit.

Why Do People Use Self Storage?

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More and more people are using self storage units as they are running out of space at home.  Self storage facilities are being used for various reasons and for when life unexpectedly changes (i.e. divorce, addition to the family, children moving home).