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Spring Cleaning Storage Locker Tips

Spring Cleaning Storage Locker Tips

Spring cleaning your storage unit helps to keep things neat, organized and easy to find. Now is the ideal time to do your spring clean. Just like at your home, your storage unit can become cluttered and disorganized, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

We have compiled a list of Spring Cleaning Storage Unit tips that will ensure a clean and well organized storage unit.

1. Why Clean Your Storage Unit?
2. Dust It Out!
3. Cleaning Kit To The Rescue
4. Simple Cleaning Solutions
5. Switch Out Seasonal Items
6. Maximize Your Space
7. Don’t Store Food Or Perishable Items

Why Clean Your Storage Unit?

Spring cleaning your storage unit is the perfect opportunity to inspect the contents of your boxes and totes. Take the time to open each box and inspect everything, looking for any damaged items. This is also a great time to reconsider how things were packed. Do you need additional packing paper, do you need to protect your furniture edges?

Elite Self Storage has a variety of packing supplies available for sale that can aid with your packing and re-packing needs. You may also want to do a purge of your items. Ask yourself if you are needing to use these items in the next few months. If your answer is no, this is a fantastic time to donate, sell or throw away your unwanted stuff.

Dust Out Your Self Storage Locker!

Climate controlled storage units help keep your belongings safe and secure, but like our homes, dust can accumulate, leaving possible damage to your items. One of the most successful ways of maintaining a dust free storage unit is to use plastic totes and store them off the ground by using shelves.

Cleaning Kit To The Rescue

A small cleaning kit left in your storage unit rental will encourage you to keep it clean and tidy. A simple kit may contain a duster, wet wipes, a few micro fiber clothes, dust pan, brush, garbage bags and gloves. Spot cleaning will reduce the deep cleaning required when you do your move out.

Simple Cleaning Solutions

Fresh air will also reduce the dust and odors that may accumulate in your storage unit. Open your unit doors and allow for fresh air to circulate through. A very simple and inexpensive tip in keeping your storage unit fresh, is by placing open containers of baking soda in the corners of your storage unit and under any shelving.

Vinegar is also another simple ingredient as it slowly evaporates, leaving the air fresh. If vinegar isn’t to your liking, the smell may be too strong, place a dryer sheet or two in the corners which will leave your unit odor free.

Switch Out Seasonal Items

Spring in Victoria can be quite warm and sunny, so now it’s time to pack away those winter ski boots, coats and equipment. Put your upcoming seasonal items to the front of your storage unit, allowing for convenient access.

Renting a storage unit will allow for more space in your home. Seasonal items can be stored until they are needed, making your home less cluttered, leaving you less stressed and more organized.

Maximize Space In Your Storage Locker

One very easy way to keep your storage unit clean and tidy is to maximize the space inside of your storage unit. Shelving is one simple and effective solution to help keep your storage unit organized. If you are storing dressers, don't forget about using the drawers for additional storage space.

It's a good idea to label all your boxes and to create an inventory list of your stored items.  This will assist you at a later date when it comes time to find your items. 

Don’t Store Food Or Perishable Items

Keep your storage unit clean and pest free by not storing food or perishable items. Canned goods or food items stored in bags are also considered perishable. The storage facility staff will go over this with you when you reserve your unit or you can check out our guide on what not to store in a storage unit. We want to keep those pesty, unwanted critters out of our facilities. They will do almost anything to get in, so NO food = NO Pests!

Not all storage facilities are created equal. Ensure when renting your storage unit that you are comparing the same product. Some storage facilities may provide a 5x5 unit, but you need to make sure that both are climate controlled, both have individual access codes, both have security cameras. Renting a storage unit takes a little research and asking questions to the storage facility can be very beneficial.  Here are some things to consider when choosing a self storage facility.

At Elite Self Storage, we provide exceptional customer service, along with clean, secure and convenient storage. All of our storage units are climate controlled with ground level access. Access hours are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, 365 days a year.  Stop by our rental office for all your packing materials to help protect your belongings while in storage.  We sell mattress covers, blankets, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, packing paper and boxes.

Call one of our storage rental experts at 778-817-1296 or rent a unit online.  Westshore’s newest climate controlled self storage facility, serving Sooke, Langford, Metchosin, Colwood, View Royal and all of Greater Victoria.

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