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How To Store Clothing In Self Storage

Wardrobe Box Used For Clothing Storage

Baby clothes, wedding dresses and seasonal clothing are valuable items that you may wish to keep, but don't have space for in your closet. A climate-controlled storage unit may be the perfect solution to keep these items safe and secure.

If you are keeping your clothing in a storage unit, we suggest you follow these simple steps to ensure your clothing remains in perfect condition.

1. Wash your clothes
2. Discard or donate clothing
3. Use cedar balls to prevent moths, mildew and musty odours
4. Opt For climate controlled storage
5. Vacuum seal bags
6. Visit your storage unit often

Wash Your Clothes Before Storing

Cleaning your clothes before storing them will help your items last much longer. Perfumes, deodorants and other contaminants can settle into the fabric, causing damage over time. Dirty clothing can cause odours to linger in the storage unit, potentially attracting unwanted pests or insects.

Making sure your clothing is completely dry before storing is crucial, as it will help avoid mold and mildew from forming. Take the time to fold your clothing, as this will keep them in good condition.

Discard Or Donate Clothing

Take this opportunity to declutter your closet, discarding or donating what you no longer need. When storing clothing, plastic totes are the best option. Cardboard boxes are an inexpensive alternative if you are storing them for only a short time.

Use Cedar Balls 

Avoid mothballs when storing your clothing, as they can cause damage to clothing and are toxic to children and pets. The use of cedar balls and chips is a far better alternative in protecting your clothes. Lavender, mint, cloves, rosemary and thyme sachets are also a way to protect your clothes and keep them smelling fresh.

Opt For Climate Controlled Storage

When it comes to storing your clothes, climate-controlled storage units are the best option for long term storage.  At Elite Self Storage, all of our storage units are climate controlled and range in size from 5x5 to 10x15. 

Wardrobe boxes are an ideal solution for clothing storage, as they provide ample space and a metal hanging bar to hang clothes on without wrinkling them. They are great for long coats and speciality fabrics, keeping them clean, dust-free and allowing the clothing to breathe. They also help to maximize your storage space, keeping it clean and tidy.

Vacuum Seal Bags

When using vacuum sealed bags to store clothing, use with caution. They have advantages and disadvantages. Vacuum sealing clothing in a plastic bag can be helpful, as it allows you to maximize your space.

They can also be damaging to more valuable fabrics and materials, such as fur or leather. Avoid placing these into vacuum-sealing bags, as moisture can accumulate over time. For these items, we suggest a garment bag or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid.

Visit Your Storage Unit Often

Storing your items isn't about putting them away and forgetting about them. If you want to keep your clothing in pristine condition while in storage, we recommend checking on your items regularly. The earlier you catch any issues, the better. 

When renting a self storage unit, it is a good idea to keep an inventory of your storage unit.  Having an inventory of your stored belongings will help you find items quickly when needed.

At Elite Self Storage we have the ideal location to store your clothing. Climate controlled storage options that are safe and secure.  Call us today at 778-817-1296. Our rental experts are here to help with all your storage needs.

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