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If you are a bookworm and have a collection of books and no place in your home to store or organize them, consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. Books and magazines are highly susceptible to mold, mildew, dust, insects and mice.

Here are some valuable tips on how to store books and magazines.

  1. Dust Before Storing
  2. Inspect books for insects
  3. Air out your books
  4. Use dividers
  5. Pack books & magazines in sturdy storage containers
  6. Climate controlled storage facilities are best for books
  7. Protect from harmful UV Rays
  8. Keep the jackets on & dust

Dust Before Storing

Before packing books into storage, remove any dust and dirt from the book ensuring they are clean.

Inspect Books For Insects

After you have dusted your books, inspect the pages for insect eggs. They resemble tiny black seeds, which can be found in the bindings. If you discover eggs, wipe them off with a soft brush. Try not to use any bug spray as it will react with the paper and damage the book.

Air Out Your Books

Your book collection is a reflection of you and can be a valuable collection. You will want to ensure that your books are not musty or damp before you put them into storage. If you discover mold or mildew, remove the book from your collection. You may have to discard the book.

If your book feels damp or musty, allow it to air dry. Even the slightest hint of mold or mildew can create damage beyond repair.

Use Dividers

If you are storing antique books, acid-free dividers provide extra protection for long term storage. For short term storage, thick paper will work well. Avoid using newspaper as the ink and images can transfer.

Pack Books & Magazines In Sturdy Storage Containers

Plastic storage bins are superior to cardboard boxes when packing books and magazines for short term storage. They are sturdier as well as waterproof and will protect your printed materials.

When you are storing books for long term storage, we recommend that you use an acid-free box. One word of caution with plastic bins, if the book has any moisture, a plastic bin can cause moisture to be trapped inside and cause damage. A silica gel pack placed inside will help solve this issue. Avoid plastic bags at all costs, as they are a moisture trap.

Climate Controlled Storage Facilities Are Best For Books

Climate controlled storage units protect your items from heat and cold. They are the best type of storage unit when storing printed materials. Climate controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year.

Protect From Harmful UV Rays

Protect your books from harmful UV rays by placing them away from direct sunlight. Sunlight acts like bleach to paper, causing deterioration and fading of the pages. If your storage space is in full sunlight, cover your storage bins with a blanket as books are best placed in dark storage spaces.

Keep Jackets On & Dust

Book jackets were created to protect the book from damages. Keeping the book jacket on helps to protect your book from scratches, scuffing and fading. They also help to keep your books looking new.

Even with book jackets in place, your books are still subject to dust accumulation. We recommend dusting your books occasionally to keep them in pristine condition. The best way to dust is starting from the spine and moving outwards to the edges of the pages. Use a soft toothbrush or paintbrush to avoid damaging the paper. 

Following these storage tips will ensure that your books are stored safely and securely. At Elite Self Storage all of our storage units are climate controlled ensuring the best storage solution. Give one of our storage rental expert a call for quick and easy storage reservations or reserve a storage unit online.

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