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How To Organize & Pack Your Storage Unit

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You have no room left at home, but you require a safe and secure place to store some of your personal belongings. Why not consider renting a self storage unit? A self storage space might be the perfect solution for your short term or long term storage needs.

Organizing and packing your storage unit is important.  It is important to know what you have in storage, what your unit contents are, where you have them placed and where to easily find them.

Our simple, easy to follow organizational tips and tricks will help you maximize your storage space, saving you time and frustration.

Organizing Your Storage Unit

Prepare Your Storage Unit

Once you have found the right storage facility and have rented your storage unit, take a few minutes to ensure you are ready to store your belongings. Look to see if the unit is dirt and dust free. A good facility will already have this taken care of; it should be move in ready. If you notice any issues, take note and let the staff know right away.

Create An Inventory

Create a map and spreadsheet of your stored items so they can be easily found at a later date.  Update your inventory when you take something out or put something in. It will surprize you just how helpful this will be.  Creating this detailed inventory list of what you are storing in your locker and where those items are being placed will assist you in finding that specific item at a later date

Install Shelving In Your Self Storage Unit

Maximizing your storage unit, by going vertical, will give you additional space, as well as, keeping all of your like items together. With shelving, your items will be kept neat, tidy and off the floor, keeping your storage unit clean and organized.

Label Each Box

Use descriptive labels on the outside of your boxes and storage totes. This will help to remind you what is in each box. Brightly coloured paper or masking tape, with bold fonts, will make it easy to know what is in each box.  For example, Christmas Decorations or Winter Clothes.

Stack Heavy to Light

To avoid broken items when placing your items in storage, a good tip is to pack your heavy items on the bottom and your lighter items on top. If you are packing with plastic storage totes, use them on the bottom of the stack, as these will outlast cardboard boxes.

Create Extra Space

Another space saving tip to utilize the space in your storage unit, is to use your dressers, shelves, baskets and even suitcases to store items. These all have empty spaces that can be filled with smaller items. You will be amazed how much space you will have and how much more storage you will create by filling these items up.

Dissemble Furniture

Items that can be dissembled, such as tables, chairs or shelves, should be taken apart as much as possible.  Taking them apart will also provide additional storage space and protect your valuable items from being damaged.

Use zip lock bags to keep the small components like screws, nuts and bolts safe while in transit or storage. Tape these to the furniture for future rebuilds. If you are not the handy man type, take a picture on your cell phone for future reference.

Essential Packing Supplies

Many self storage facilities offer merchandise for sale that can aid you in packing your items for storage. They carry a wide variety of packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, packing tape, news print, blankets, boxes, stretch wrap and more! All of these essential packing supplies will assist you when packing and organizing your belongings for storage.

Long Term Storage

If you will be storing your items for an extended period of time, a good tip is to consider a climate-controlled storage facility. Climate Controlled storage units are kept at a constant temperature and humidity which helps to avoid issues, such as moisture, dirt and dust.

Leave Space For An Aisle

Many customers of self storage facilities forget to consider an aisle in their unit. A good tip is to rent a slightly larger unit than what you think you need. This will provide you with a simple, effective way to access all your belongings. Make it easy to find what you need when you need it!

At Elite Self Storage Langford, you can rent storage units ranging from 5x5 to 10x15. All our storage units are climate controlled with ground level access. With constant temperatures, less dust and sealed from the elements of the West Coast, our new storage facility will provide you with storage you can trust.

Convenient and Secure Self Storage Units at Elite Self Storage. Friendly, professional staff and more!  Call us today at 778-817-1296 or book online.

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