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How To Create An Inventory For Your Storage Unit

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A self storage unit provides outstanding storage solutions for people who require additional space.  From storing your seasonal furniture, to your household appliances, self storage provides you with the space you need.  Storage units can be rented for short or long periods of time.

An inventory list for your storage unit is an exceedingly important tool when renting a self storage unit.  For insurance purposes and unpacking purposes, your inventory list will be a resource you will be thankful for in the future.

Inventory APPS To Assist With Your Storage Unit Inventory List

Inventory apps have made it easy for us to create these lists.  These apps allow us to take photos, create QR Codes, barcodes and are right at our fingertips.  Listed below are a few apps that may be useful in creating your self storage inventory lists:

1. Scan your boxes - Allows you to view the contents of your boxes, cartons and containers with a simple bar code.
2. Stuff Keeper - Makes storing and finding things easy and convenient
3. Sortly - Enter up to 100 entries, generate bar codes, QR codes and reports
4. VIDDER - Enter up to 150 items – prepare/snap and share
5. Everspruce - Quickly and easily categorize your items

Wait, I’m not tech savvy! Where do I start?

Long before apps and computers, we were organizing with pen and paper.  A handwritten inventory list can be just as effective.

Start with one room at a time and label your boxes as you pack them.  Write detailed descriptions of what is going into each box.  This may take a lot of time, but in the end, you will be thankful knowing where your items are located.

Safekeeping Your Storage Unit Inventory List 

Keeping your inventory list in a safe place for future reference is important.  After all, you spent all that time creating the list, it’s worth keeping it safe.  Keep a copy on the wall at the front of your storage unit for easy access and availability.  Another copy could be kept digitally for easy updates.

Create A Master List of Your Storage Unit

Now that all your boxes are labelled and your inventory is in order, you can create a master list.  Your master list should be digital, on a spread sheet or in a word document for easy editing and updating.  You should always update your master list if you add or remove anything from your rented storage unit.

Your master list will provide a detailed inventory for insurance purposes and will help you quickly and easily find stored items.

Create A Map Of Your Self Storage Unit

Creating a Map is another visual that will assist in the accurate accounting of what is in your storage locker.  A map is a great tool to see where something is located in your unit.  Place your more commonly used items at the front of the unit for easy access.  A quick drawn map is beneficial and helps to visualize the space in your unit.

Use of Shelving In Your Storage Unit

Your storage unit is an extension of your home.  It is a great tool in keeping your items safe and organized.  Shelving can help maximize the storage space in your self storage unit.

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