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First Timers Guide To Renting A Self Storage Unit


Self Storage is a service that allows you to store your items on a month to month basis, in a safe and secure environment.  Self Storage facilities offer a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities.

If this is the first time you are renting a storage unit, we would like to share this first-timers guide to self storage.

1. What to look for when renting a storage unit
2. What do you need to rent a storage unit
3. What is not permitted to store in my unit
4. Do I need Insurance
5. Can I buy packing supplies at a self-storage facility
6. What is a climate-controlled unit? Do I need one
7. What size of storage do I need
8. What are the different types of storage

What to look for when renting a storage unit

Ask the storage facility about access hours, security, move in specials.  Always check the reviews; what former and current tenants say about the facility is very important.

What do you need to rent a storage unit

When renting a storage unit, you must be able to provide a valid government piece of ID and payment for the first month of storage. You will also need to sign a storage rental agreement that lays out the rules and policies of the storage facility. 

What is not permitted to store in my unit

Storage units are for storing such items as furniture, files, clothing, business papers and personal items. Plants, pets, paint, propane and people are not allowed to be stored in a self-storage unit.  Anything flammable, explosive or edible by rodents or insects cannot be stored.

Do I need Insurance

Storage facilities are not responsible for the contents of your storage unit. We highly recommend that you opt for storage unit insurance. Check with your current homeowner's policy as they may have it included at no cost. Not all homeowner's policies cover items in a self-storage facility. 

Can I buy packing supplies at a storage facility

Most storage facilities have a retail section where you can purchase locks, bubble wrap, tape, boxes and packing supplies.

What is a climate-controlled unit? Do I need one

Climate controlled storage units are indoor units with monitored temperature and humidity. They are best for those who need long term storage or those who are storing sensitive items. Climate controlled storage units may cost a little more than regular storage units. They are heated at a consistent temperature which offers the best protection for your stored belongings.

What Size of Storage do I need

Selecting the right size of storage unit is important when renting a self-storage space. You want to ensure you are paying for enough space but not to much space. We encourage you to stop by for a tour and check out what storage unit sizes we have available.  

At Elite Self Storage, our storage units come in a variety of sizes, from 3.5'x4' that accommodates the contents of a small closet, up to 10' x 20', which accommodates a condo or small house.  We offer climate controlled storage, unheated storage, vehicle storage and RV storage.

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