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Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?

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You are moving or downsizing and have decided to rent a self storage unit in Victoria, BC.  You will need to determine what size of storage unit you need however there are also different types of storage units.  There are standard unheated storage units or climate controlled storage units.  You need to decide - do I need climate controlled storage or unheated storage?   


Climate controlled storage is a type of storage option that maintains the temperature inside your self-storage unit.  Sensitive and fragile items are better protected in a temperature controlled storage unit as they are not exposed to extreme temperatures.  Non climate controlled storage units are not heated or cooled, which means your belongings will be subject to seasonal outdoor temperatures.

Self storage can be used on a short term or long term basis.   Renting a climate controlled storage unit will ensure your belongings are as you left them.

Climate controlled storage units are often located inside buildings with sealed and insulated roofs, walls, and floors.  These units are less susceptible to minor flooding or tracked in dirt.  With indoor climate controlled storage, there is also less chance rodents or insects will make a home in your stored belongings.


  • Constant temperature
  • Dust reduction
  • Better rodent protection
  • Lower risk of damage
  • Sheltered from the weather
  • Peace of mind

Sensitive items can suffer from warping, splitting, or cracking due to fluctuating temperature changes.  If you have expensive furniture made from leather or wood, protect your investment by renting an indoor heated storage unit.

Some examples of items that should be stored in climate controlled units are:

  • Expensive artwork
  • Family heirlooms
  • Antiques
  • Books
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • CD's, DVD's and cassette tapes
  • Musical Instruments
  • Electronics
  • Collectibles
  • Wooden Furniture

Anything you would normally store in your garage or shed is perfect to store in an unheated storage unit.  Climate controlled storage is highly recommended for sensitive and fragile items.

At Elite Self Storage Langford all our units are climate controlled storage units with ground floor loading.   Many storage facilities that offer climate controlled storage are multi level  facilities.  These storage facilities may require you to use a freight elevator to access you storage unit. 

At Elite Self Storage Langford both of our levels have ground floor access.  Drive up to one of our covered loading docks and easily load and unload your belongings. 


As your business expands and grows you might want to rent a commercial storage space.

Renting a commercial storage unit for business storage is great for storing:

  • excess inventory
  • surplus furniture
  • seasonal furniture
  • displays
  • promotional and marketing material

Climate controlled storage is more expensive than unheated storage however the cost is often irrelevant.  You know your items are indoor and protected from the elements.  You can also protect your furniture by using mattress covers, furniture covers and other packing and moving materials.


  • Run out of space
  • Deployment
  • Staging a home for sale
  • Renovating
  • Relocating
  • Lifestyle change (marriage, divorce or addition to the family)
  • In between homes
  • Extended traveling
  • Seasonal items

Have you decided to rent a climate controlled storage unit in Langford, BC but not sure what size of unit you need?  Our unit size guide can help determine what size of unit you need.

Rent a storage unit online or give one of our storage rental experts a call at 778-817-1296 and they will be happy to assist you in finding the storage solution that is right for you.  For convenient storage solutions in Victoria, BC come to Elite Self Storage Langford. 

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