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9 Things To Consider When Choosing A Self Storage Facility

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The key to self storage is choosing the right storage facility.  Self storage does not have to be complicated, but you want to spend a little time looking at options to decide if the storage facility suites your needs.

What are you storing?

Certain household items require climate-controlled storage units which keep temperatures within certain parameters preventing mold, mildew and other damages due to moisture.  Antiques, collectibles, electronics, musical instruments, photos and papers should all be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

At Elite Self Storage, all of our storage lockers are climate controlled so you can rest assured that your items will be well taken care of.

How much storage space will you need?

Making an inventory of the items you are going to store will provide you with an idea of what size of storage unit you will need.  Take the time to measure your furniture, mattresses, box sizes and items. 

If you are uncertain as to what size of storage unit you will need, a quick call to the storage facility or a site tour can help assist with your decision making.  At Elite Self Storage, we have storage units of various sizes and our unit size guide can also help assist you in choosing the right size of storage unit.

Is there security/surveillance?

Take time to check the storage facility's security features.  If accessibility is important for you, look for a storage facility that gives you access to your belongings when you need it.  Some facilities offer 24 hour access while others may only have access during business hours or specific times.  Storage facilities that are well lit will provide comfort during after hours visits. 

Convenient Location

The location of your storage facility is important as well.  You don’t want or need to be driving all over the city if there is a great storage facility in your neighbourhood. Keep your money in your pocket by saving time and gas $.

Support your local businesses – shop local, spend local and enjoy local.  Support local business where you work, live and play!

Affordable Storage Prices

Prices for self storage units can vary from one storage facility to another.  Ensure that you are comparing apples to apples.  Check to see that the units you are comparing are the same size, the same type IE: climate-controlled, similar operational hours etc. 

You might think you are getting a great deal and find that the less expensive unit is not exactly what you were expecting.  Ask about any admin fees or security deposits that may be charged.  Beware of storage facilities that offer 4 week rates as these are not the same as monthly rates.   The rate may look cheaper but it is not.

Customer Service

From the first contact at the storage facility, a GREAT customer service team will provide friendly and helpful service. It is imperative that you feel comfortable and confident that you will be taken care of.  Having a customer service team that is knowledgeable about the facility will provide you with answers to your questions, either on the phone or while you tour the property.

At Elite Self Storage, we have over 30 years of exceptional customer service experience. We treat all of our customers like we like to be treated! 

Does the storage facility have great reviews? Checking online for facility reviews will provide insight into how the storage facility is doing.  If there are no reviews, do not shy away, a quick call to the storage facility will provide answers.  Perhaps they have just opened, and no reviews have been provided. 

Listen to your heart …… you know what’s best for you!

Pest Control

Those unwanted creatures can cause damage to your items and be a worry for keeping your items safe. Check with the self storage facility regarding their policies about pest control procedures.  A good self storage company will work with a pest control company for regular visits.


Choose a self storage facility that has spotless floors, dusted common areas, a well organized office space and well groomed outdoor spaces.  This will assure you that you will be taken care of and that the storage facility cares about you and your stored items.

Storage Insurance

Check with your homeowners’ insurance policy to see if your belongings are covered under your current policy.  You may find that some facilities require your belongings to be insured. If your policy does not cover your stored items, you may be able to purchase insurance from your preferred company.

Why Choose Elite Self Storage Langford?

  • Exceptional Customer Service - friendly and professional staff
  • Safe & Secure - equipped with video surveillance and individual coded access
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units - offers the best protection for your belongings with consistent temperatures
  • Brand New, Clean Storage Facility - over 450 newly built indoor storage units of various sizes
  • Affordable Storage Pricing - monthly billing, no admin fees or security deposits
  • Easy Access - all climate controlled storage units are ground level for easy access, loading and unloading
  • Online Storage Rentals & Payments - renting a storage unit online for easy contactless bookings

At Elite Self Storage we offer short term month-to-month storage rentals with no hidden fees.

Once you’ve moved your belongings into a storage unit, we know you don’t want to have to move again.   If your storage needs change and you need a larger or smaller storage unit, give one of our storage rental experts a call and they can easily transfer you into a storage unit that suits your personal or business storage needs.

For all your storage solution needs, contact Elite’s customer service team today at 250-995-2735 or reserve a unit online.

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